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2-N-1 Fabulous Spring Natural Hair Styles

Learn How To Create 2 Fabulous Spring Natural Hair Styles For Under $12 Bucks

*This post is sponsored by Family Dollar. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Happy Spring Everyone! I absolutely love the Spring & Summer months. This is the time of year that I get to pull out my cute dresses and get creative with my natural hair. The winter months for me call for protective and very low maintenance styles due to what the harsh weather conditions can do to my hair but Spring calls for “Free To Be Me” hair. You see my hair is super thick and has always been that way since I can remember and with my texture hair its imperative that I keep it moisturized. So are you ready to be Fabulous?

On last year I was invited by Family Dollar to be one of their VIP Bloggers/Vloggers for their Fabulous event that took place here in Atlanta and imagine how surprised I was when I learned that I could get my favorite brands at the local Family Dollar and we just so happened to have one open in my area. As soon as the weather changed I rushed to my local store to grab a few goodies that I would use to keep my hair looking Fabulous and keep it moisturized without having to add multiple products. I try to use as few items as possible and to my surprise I two products by the same brand that gives me both the look and feel that my hair craves.

DRUMROLL PLEASE………………………………………………………………………..

PANTENE IS THE WINNER!! Wowsers! I picked up both the Pantene Truly Natural Hair Defining Curls Styling Custard (feels amazing ) and the Shine Serum with Argan Oil. OMG! Talk about natural hair heaven! The mixture of both is not only smooth but gives me an amazing shine and feels great on my hair. Guess what else they only cost $5 Bucks each! That’s right you heard correctly.

"Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"

"Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"

Many of you follow me on social media and know that I am always on the go: traveling, attending events, working out and doing yoga which means that I need quick and easy styles that are versatile. The kids and I just returned from hitting 3 States in 4 Days so my hair needed a good cleaning. I shampoo with the Pantene Truly Natural Hair Clarifying Shampoo which you can also pick up at your local Family Dollar but since I already had a bottle that cut my cost down but you can purchase it for around $5 Bucks. 

Today I will show you how I achieve a 2-N-1 style that works for cocktail hour, date night or yoga practice. So let’s get started!

  1. Part your hair into two sections initially (A front & back section). Start with the front section so you will need to pin your hair back with a scrunchie or bobby pins ( I use Goody Scrunchie &  Bobby Pins). "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  2. Pump 3-4 pumps of the Pantene Shine Serum with Argan Oil and work it into the front section of your hair. (You will repeat this step with the back section later).
  3. Part your hair like you are going to cornrow your hair but instead you are going to do flat twist. Take a quarter shape of the Pantene Truly Natural Defining Curls Styling Custard and add it to the individual twist. (You will repeat this step for each twist). When you flat twist start with a small section of hair and slowly pull hair into the twist in order to create a defined twist. I then add a small white rod to give my hair an extra curl (you can skip this if you like). Repeat until the entire front is complete. "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  4. Take the back section and divide that section into two so that you have a top (Bottom) and a section below the top. This will give more definition and fullness in the back.  "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  5. Repeat Step 2 & 3 for the back section of your hair and allow your hair to set over night. "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"


  1. If you used the white rods you can take them out and then start with the back section of your hair first.
  2. Start at the very bottom section and begin untwisting your hair at the ends. This process is slower because you do not want to disrupt your hair where it natural wants to separate. This will give you a curly look with out the frizz. "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  3. Repeat Step 2 until both rows are undone in the back and then work on the front section.
  4. You can take a pick and fluff out your hair for a super cute curly fro. "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  5. BOOM You’re ready! "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  6. Now Strike A Fabulous Pose!"Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"



  1. Repeat Steps 1-3 from Curly Afro Style "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  2. Pick your hair a little or a lot. It’s totally up to you! Now that you have a curly fro all you need to do is take a little serum and add it to the crown of your hair.   "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol""Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  3. Brush your hair up into a ponytail and use a hair band or stretched knee-high (Like I Did) to pull your hair up. I use a knee high because it doesn’t tear your hair and it helps prevent too much tension and tightness. Now just pull your hair in to a messy puff bun. Tie the knee high and tuck in your bun using the Goody Bobby Pins. "Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol""Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol""Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol""Family Dollar" "Family Dollar Fabulous" "Spring" "Natural Hair" "Naturalbabydol"
  4. Pick out with a hair pick and leave it untamed and messy and your done.

Totally Easy Right? Now who wants to join me this Spring with Fabulous Natural Hair? Tell me what’s your favorite Fabulous Family Dollar Natural Hair Items and Be sure to head over to the Fabulous Blog for more Tips, Tutorials & Reviews from my fellow Fabulous Bloggers!