The Fusion Chefs Eatery


Hey Darlings! I’m back with another Hidden Gem, The Fusion Chef Eatery. This one happens to be literally in my back yard. Honestly I had no idea that this restaurant was even in my area. I hadn’t heard anyone talk about it or any coverage until I was in private group for Fayetteville residents. I headed to their Facebook page to take a look and decided to give them a try. I love that this is black-owned restaurant. The distance from my home to the restaurant was about 5 minutes due to traffic. Its located in a familiar shopping center that has been slowly developing since being built. 

The Fusion Chefs Eatery

The ambiance of The Fusion Chefs Eatery as you walked in was very vibrant and the young lady at the counter was super nice and walked me through their menu. They sell everything from gourmet sandwiches to power bowls to wings. I was happy that they had a kid menu option for families with smaller kids. I opted to order the Create your own Hibachi Style Bowl where I selected brown rice, steak and double broccoli. Now ya’ll know how I love Hibachi and I’ve had it from all over the world during my travels. The total of my bowl was a little under $12 which is a little more than I normally pay for bowls but its cool. I am always open to trying new places. 

The Fusion Chefs Eatery

Keep in mind when you dine here that orders are made to order. Once my order was ready  it was presented by one of the owners, Chef X who was very friendly and greeted every guest personally. They definitely understand the importance of great customer service. The appearance of the food was exactly what I expected plus there was an aroma that flowed. I did not dine in because I had work to do for my clients. I was expecting to receive the ginger sauce or traditional yum sauce thats served with hibachi but they have their own Fusion Glaze which wasn’t bad but the order needed to have a little more glaze at least for me because that’s just a pet peeve of mine. The next time I will make sure that I order more. I know my vegetarians reading this editorial are like “what about us”. Trust me they have you covered as well with vegetarian options. 

The Fusion Chefs Eatery

Fayetteville Georgia

I loved that they offer gourmet catering, private classes and you can use their space for a event as well. I noticed a patio in the back in case you want a little privacy for a date. All in all its a great restaurant to take your family and if you’re a healthy conscious person like me then The Fusion Chefs Eatery will definitely be a place that you would enjoy.

Stay tuned for our next Hidden Gem…We’re heading back to Savannah and hitting Jacksonville, Florida on our upcoming road trip.