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I had a great job in Corporate America and I was at the top of my game as one of the high potential executives but soon found myself unemployed, quietly finalizing my divorce and unemployed with three kids. I can recall walking into a local Michael’s craft store purchasing some supplies for the kid’s school projects when I noticed a Wilton Cake Decorating class sign up. I figured since I was unemployed and at home why not take a class just for fun. I soon discovered a love that I had since I was a little girl and with four classes under my belt and the baking training from my grandmother I began to bake as a means to earn additional income to for my family. I can recall the moment that I BECOME RADICAL! Snazzy Cakes, LLC was founded and became a rising home base bakery that specializes in custom cupcakes and cakes. My business was making enough money to make ends meet for my family and I decided to become even more RADICAL and decided to use my time wisely and go back to school and get my Masters in Public Administration.

One day while contemplating on a topic to do an assignment on for a business class I decided to put my knowledge of Social Media to use and hence my paper was a success. My professor complimented me on my paper and told me that I should look into Social Media as a means of earning extra income and from that day on I have conducted research, attended many conferences and managed several social media and marketing campaigns for several businesses. I decided in 2013 to be even more RADICAL and start blogging after attending my first Blogalicious Conference which also led me to start teaching social media classes in Atlanta.

This year I plan to jumpstart my New Year attending the 2014 BE RADICAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE that taking place on March 21st – 23rd, in Reston, VA!  Keynote speakers are Doreen Rainey,  Laila Ali, Lori Greiner and Jean Chatzky, I have heard so many wonderful things about this conference and how women’s lives have been dramatically changed and the inspiration that you can draw from the sisterhood among the women. If you dare to BE RADICAL then join me at the conference by registering at

You can also register for our free Radical Monday Sessions at

~Turkesha “Naturalbabydol”

Disclaimer: I will be receiving a free ticket to the Get RADICAL Conference in exchange for being a part of the media/blogger team. However, all opinions/views shared are my own.


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