As I write this post on this cold so call spring morning sitting up in my bed after getting the kids off to school I had to take a moment and tell myself, Turkesha KEEP GOING! FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! If I can have a total transparent moment…there are so many times throughout the day, week and month that I feel like I haven’t accomplished many goals that I set for my life when I was younger. Sure I ran Fortune 500 companies and worked diligently to build their brand but often times when it comes to my own I get STUCK!

In fact I often find myself replaying scenarios in my head wondering if I made the right decisions in situations. Perhaps if I made a different decision my life would have taken a different route. Perhaps I would be financially where my heart and soul tells me that I should be! Perhaps my mind wouldn’t take me on these emotional roller coasters that I often find myself riding. Perhaps I would be BOLDER and demand what I know that I am worth when it comes to my work. There are so many equations that go into the arithmetic of LIFE. The fact is LIFE HAPPENS! Even as I write this post I begin to second guess if I really want to publish it or just add it to my personal journal after all who’s really going to take out a moment to read it? Needless to say that this morning when I woke up I felt like GIVING UP! Throwing in the towel and starting all over from scratch. I contemplated deleting my blog, Instagram, Facebook Page and just starting from ground zero. Why? Sometimes I feel like I’m not in the field that was intended for me and perhaps I should try another one but during my morning scripture and biblical time I ran across a statement that resonated with me. It basically stated “STAY IN YOUR FIELD AND BE FAITHFUL WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN PLANTED!” 

This did something to my inner soul. Ruth was a great example of a woman who trusted God and made the decision to stay in her field and be faithful where God had planted her. She had the option to leave Naomi and return to her own land and God but the love that Ruth had for her mother-in-law and her God caused her to travel to a land that was foreign to her because FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION. We even see that when it was time for her to work and put food on the table she could have thrown her hands up and given up but instead she knew that FAILURE WAS NOT AN OPTION. She headed to the fields to glean any and all scraps that she could find in efforts to provide for her elderly mother-in-law and herself. She not once considered what she personally wanted but put someone else ahead of her own wants and needs. Ruth teaches us about sacrifice, diligence, love and trust. I realize that so often we highlight her for being blessed with Boaz but what about every trial, tribulation and test that she encountered to get to her final reward. That’s the revelation that God gave to me on today. He taught me that my work is not in vain rather it be on my blog, in my business or serving in ministry. It’s the love that I have for serving and my desire to reach just one person in hopes of encouraging them to keep gong is what I continue to PUSH THROUGH MYSELF!