"Viola Davis" "Emmys" "Emmy Award" "Emmy Winner" "Regina King" "Uzo Aduba"
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History Was Made By Viola Davis Emmy Win!

I can only imagine that every “Brown Girl” or “Woman of Color” sat patiently through the Emmys praying that we would take an Emmy win home. We always see ourselves prancing and posing on the red carpets year after year in hopes that we would take at least one win home but three Beautiful African-American (Women of Color) take home historical wins, WE ALL WIN! The moment that the winner for each Emmy in its respectful category was announced I am sure that we all took a long gasp, jumped for joy and shed a few tears for these amazing women.

"Viola Davis" "Emmys" "Emmy Award" "Emmy Winner"

What I found simply amazing was how we as African American celebrate one another. The moment that Viola’s name was called as the Emmy winner of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Taraji P. Henson instantly jumped up to Congratulate her friend. What an amazing moment seeing Beautiful, Intelligent and Astonishing Women Congratulate one another. It spoke volumes to everyone. When One Wins, We All Win. The compelling, raw and uncut acceptance speak by Viola was one of the most powerful ones of the winners on last night. See her acceptance speak below:


After doing a little research online I was happy to learn that this year the Emmys made the decision to open the voting to a much wider selection of the Academy membership, which ultimately showcased a much better reflection of cast and shows that we all love. As a result our beautiful sister, Viola Davis made history on last night as the first woman of color to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her role that she plays in ABC’s, How To Get Away With Murder written by Shonda Rhimes. Viola shared historical wins with both Regina King for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie and Uzo Aduba for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

"Viola Davis" "Emmys" "Emmy Award" "Emmy Winner" "Regina King" "Uzo Aduba"

"Viola Davis" "Emmys" "Emmy Award" "Emmy Winner" "Regina King" "Uzo Aduba"

These three African American Women AKA Women of Color are all Excellent Examples to little girls all over the world that The Impossible Is Possible. They are all living proof. We must all hold fast to our dreams and work toward success!