"Hotel Transylvania 2"

Hotel Transylvania 2 Hits Theaters Today!!

The boys and I attended a prescreening of Hotel Transylvania 2 last weekend and needless to say that it was nothing short of amazing! The writers were sure to catch up exactly where part one left off and not only is this movie great for kids but also for adults.


Count Dracula’s daughter, Mavis married her human husband, Jonathon and became pregnant after a year. It was weird seeing a vampire pregnant with a half human child but that was actually the story line for the sequel. Count was so concerned with rather his grandson, Dennis was a vampire that he went to some drastic steps to ensure that his fangs would eventually pop out. As a mother I know that it takes time for babies to form teeth but apparently in Transylvania if a vampire doesn’t get his fangs by the age of five then there would be a possibility that he may in fact be a human child. Count comes up with a plan for Jonathon to take Mavis for a visit to the California while he takes Dennis on a monster-in-training boot camp.

"Hotel Transylvania 2"

As you can see once Mavis made it to California she went a little wild. She was obsessed with Slurpee’s, bicycles and all things normal to us but evidently strange and brand new to her. While she was away eating loads of junk Count Dracula was trying to scare the Fangs out of Dennis literally.  He even took the poor kid up on an unsafe high point to throw him down in efforts to make him fly but he soon discovered that Dennis may not be a vampire.

"Hotel Transylvania 2" I’m not going to spoil it for you because TONIGHT is the opening night so make sure that you head out with your kids and see this amazing movie or Count Dracula may come and get you!!!


**I was invited out to a private screening of Hotel Transylvania 2. All opinions are my own**