"Swoon City" "Yoga"

How The #SwoonCity Yoga Challenge Ignited A Flame

Wow! My how time passes! It’s been a year since I have been self-teaching myself yoga. I can truly say that this new exciting road that I’ve been traveling has allowed me to learn so much about myself. In fact its taken me to depths that I could have never imagined years ago. Life’s funny that way! If someone had told me in 1999 when I took my very first yoga class as an elective right before my college graduation in December of that year that many moons later I would fall in love with the art, I would have laughed.  During the past year I have participated in far too many yoga challenges to keep count and this year I made the decision to give take a break and concentrate more on my self paced practicing. I was recently tagged in a different challenge called #SwoonCity from a few of my fellow yogis and after taking a glance at the flyer honestly my interest was peaked and after a brief bout of deliberating I made the decision to join these beauties. This #SwoonCity challenge was a bit challenging because it challenged us to get to know our bodies and remove all limitations. This challenge helped me as a woman get to know my body better and see it for the beautiful artful masterpiece that God created. The Challenge was set and Yogis from all over the world joined in and together we all spent a week showcasing our inner and outer beauty, posing as masterpieces while motivating and encouraging one another.learning ourselves and limits while enjoying our beautiful bodies. Hence at the end of this challenge an inner Flame was Ignited and I was Swoon!









Day 4: Transformation



Day 5: Determination


Day 6: Fire & Desire


Day 7: Divine Feminine Energy

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