Kids and Ice Cream Trucks! Why they go into PANIC MODE!

I was in the house packing up the kids and I clothes for our Labor Day road trip when all of sudden there was a loud bang at the door and multiple door rings. I jump up thinking that something has happened or its the UPS/FEDEX delivery guy with an evening attitude making a delivery. We’ll none of that was waiting behind the door but instead my eleven-year-old telling me that he ran the ice cream man down and he needed his wallet to purchase ice cream for his little brother and himself. If you don’t believe me look where he parked his bicycle. LOL!

Ice Cream, Kids

Ok! Was he not in rush! I had to grab my camera and run out to snag a picture after I noticed that his bike wasn’t in the yard or drive way. Trust me his little brother was on his heels. That kid couldn’t get his shoes on fast enough before he dashed out the house, under the millions of trees in the front yard and across the street to catch up with his older brother.

Ice Cream, Kids


Ice Cream, Kids

Looks like he caught up with him and now they are debating on what yummy treat they should purchase. Once they made their selection the driver passed BJ(11-year-old) back a dollar change, BJ did the sweetest thing. He gave his dollar to the man as a tip! That made the drivers day. He told me that he has never had a child be so thoughtful and tip him. We’ll if you know my kids that’s them! Lesson learned: You never know what kind act will make your day! Until our next adventure!

P.S. You all know Mario just had to have a Super Hero Ice Cream Right!

Ice Cream, KidsIce Cream, Kids






  1. PK

    I remember running to catch the ice cream truck as a kid. It is so wonderful that your kids get the opportunity to set this as a memory of their summers as a kid.

    1. I still remember when I use chase the truck down as well. My kids love the chase lol plus it’s extra exercise for them.

  2. DEA

    Im not a kid and the sound makes me lose my mind too! LOL
    🙂 SO CUTE! 🙂

    1. Girl these kids went crazy! I remember when I use to do the same exact thing too. Thanks for stopping by.

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