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It’s Been Two Years Since I Released A Soul Tie

Hey Love Bugs. Today’s post is more on the personal side. This afternoon I was styling my hair and I suddenly had a brief feeling. Perhaps it was the song that was playing who the heck knows but it darned on me that its been around two years since I broke and released a soul tie. When people mention soul ties a sexual relationship is the first thing that pops into a persons mind but actually soul ties can be formed in many ways. This soul tie wasn’t one that was created overnight, a few months or months. My soul tie was created over sixteen years ago. You see I have known them for over twenty years and through those year at least at the beginning of them we spent weeks, even months together as friends not lovers at that point. Our bond grew due to the simple fact that we could tell each other anything. We could just be ourselves. You know our true selves. 

I was never a person who really believed in soul ties or soul mates. I would imagine that if someone was your soul mate the feeling that you both feel are emotionally, physically and mentally different than any you’ve ever experienced. For me I knew years ago that this person was my soul mate but I can’t confirm or not confirm if he felt the same way. I can confirm that when we reconnected after years and I mean years it felt as if time had just stopped and picked up right where we left to a certain extent. Of course life had happened for both of us and families were created so it was exactly as we left off. Emotionally I knew that it wasn’t a good idea to rekindle anything. In fact I should have just left it where it was but you know how emotionally females can be well let me rephrase that how emotionally I can be I decided to give it a try. BAD MOVE!

Soul Ties

In a nut shell. People change. PERIOD! People will lie right in your face and smile as if they’re not up to no good. This one time that I jumped I should have fell back! Hell I should have ran away. This entire situation was a waste of time. I should not have allowed myself to get entangled with this impostor. It’s one thing to just be a liar but to involve others via conversation between us to make yourself feel good about moving on its a totally different situation especially when you were actually living two hell five different lives. 

This entire situation really took its toll on me in the beginning of the end of whatever we had with each other. It took weeks perhaps months for me to emotionally get myself together on the inside but BABY you better believe that on the outside ya’ girl was together 100 percent. It’s like wearing a new costume every time you see the person or are forced to interact with them. Soul Ties are horrible spirits that you carry of that person. The emotions and moments that you shared all over flood you at once. It’s horrible. It took separation and prayer to release this strong hold. It doesn’t help that we run into each other here and there. I’m thankful for my loving sister, Summer and my amazing besties: Shahidah, Danni & Kammie. It was important to have a great circle of great friends that you can call to cry, laugh and just in case you need them to ride out to dust a ninja or heifer off their always game! I love these ladies to life! 

You when all of this was happening I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. You know when your heart broken, distract and pissed from the lies all you can see is what is directly in front of you at the moment. Baby those soul ties are a Mother Shut Yo Mouth and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. 

Fast Forward to Today. Here I am two years later and I made it! I’M GOOD! A few years ago I had no idea that I would even make it to this point without possibly cutting a ninja or at the very least cursing his ass out but I MADE IT. So on today when I had that brief feeling. It wasn’t a I miss that joker feeling or let me reach out to see if he still interested but more of a I’M TOTALLY OVER IT feeling. IT’S ABOVE ME SWEETIE! I felt my deliverance. I felt my freedom. I felt Turkesha and how strong she is without the extra drama. I felt that although I had to go through that ordeal I knew that on TODAY MY STORY is now HER STORY. The ordeal was all apart of my design and makeup because through this one roller coaster test I will eventually be able to help someone else. This post represents a tiny snippet of this encounter that has become a blessing to me in order to help other women through their situations. I thank God for his divine healing, mending my heart and the breaking of the strong hold AKA Soul Tie.