Extreme Magic Opener

Kid Review: Extreme Magic Opener

The Extreme Magic Opener Is the Perfect Kitchen Gadget

Moms have you ever a can or bottle of pop that you just couldn’t get off? If your like me I find that many times even trying to open a bottle of water on a hot Summer day at the park with kids. I have found myself in this situation many times and so have my sons who of course don’t want to always ask mommy to open a can or bottle for them.  The lovely PR team of the Extreme Magic Opener sent us over one to test to see exactly what we thought.

Pablo Corredor the Inventor of the Extreme Magic Opener states : “A week didn’t pass by without me seeing someone fighting with a twist off bottle top or break a nail on a pull tab in stores, restaurants, beach parties or parks.” He goes on to say that after years of testing and tons of feedback from real people like us he was finally able to create this new innovative gadget.

I decided to take my review in a different direction and allow the kids to assist in conducting the review. I wanted to see how durable and capable the Extreme Magic Opener really was and “Is it really so easy that a kid could do it?” Hmm.. Let’s see if it really works! Billy was having some trouble opening a 2 liter of pop so he decided to give the Magic Opener a try.

"Extreme Magic Opener"It looks like Billy had no problem with the Magic Opener and opened the bottle without any struggles. Let’s see what my 8-year-old Mario thought of the Magic Opener.


"Extreme Magic Opener"

"Extreme Magic Opener"

"Extreme Magic Opener"

"Extreme Magic Opener"

The kids can’t be the only ones to have all of the fun. I also tested the Magic Opener and was so relieved to know that now when I have new manicure I don’t have to worry about chipping a nail or struggling to open can goods any longer. The verdict is in and the Extreme Magic Opener is the perfect addition to our family. I must agree that this is indeed the 21st Century Bottle Opener.


**I received a sample to conduct this review. All opinion in this post are my own**