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Darlings! It’s the winter time and with that comes dry skin and dry lips. Have you ever experienced this during the colder months? I always find myself dealing with these concerns and I was so excited to learn about 3 amazing affordable brands that are all packed with natural ingredients that are perfect for the Holiday Season. What’s even more exciting is that you can find them all at Dillard’s.


Green Goo

Green Goo – Skin Loving Essentials products are made from natural plant-based ingredients, so you can nourish your skin naturally from head to toe. This amazing bundle includes just the right amount of goodness for all your skin needs. From our Lavender and Geranium Castile Soap to their soothing Lavender Lotion. Imagine how refreshing your skin will feel. Renewed and moisturized. I love how the herbal dry skin care loves my skin with extra care. This is amazing for rashes, dry flaky spots, cracked hands and feet. Skin Repair is great as a daily moisturizer or as a night eye cream to help relieve wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles.


Green Goo Unwind Bath Salts

Green Goo All Natural Unwind Lavender & Bergamot Bath Salts relieve stress and tension from your body, deepen your relaxation, and soothe your skin. Relax, de-stress, and enjoy the tranquility. Perfect for Self-Care moments.




The Manscaped product line was created specifically for a man’s distinctive grooming needs. Featuring American-made, specially formulated products and tools engineered to give a man a close, refined appearance. When manscaping, he’ll always want to use the right tools for the job. You’ll get a precise trim every time by using proper manscaping precision engineered tools. Not only does a man’s sensitive areas require it, but both hygiene and ergonomics demand it!



Have you ever tried products made from goat milk? The wait is over because Dionis products are now available at Dillards. Donis products are packed with vitamins and minerals naturally found in Goat Milk that nourish, condition and leave skin feeling hydrated and revitalized. These vitamins and minerals have shown to help slow down aging, help the skin rebuild, add elasticity, and help retain skin moisture. What are you waiting for? Grab your gift sets TODAY!

The best products, bundled up and ready to use or gift! You can find these packages from Green Goo, Dionis and Manscaped at Dilliard’s stores now or on

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