"MAHI Leather" "Frank Water Charity" "UK" "Leather"

Beautiful MAHI Quality Leather Bag Company On A Mission

I adore traveling, fashion and all things unique. I recently discovered an amazing brand that in my opinion are more than just a great brand but a brand that has a mission in mind. In case your not familiar with the brand please allow me to give you a look inside the brand. The MAHI Leather company is a small UK brand (you all know how in love I am with the UK) who sells some the most beautiful handcrafted leather goods to consumers at a very affordable price. In fact, their goal is to connect buyers with real craftsmen and to give back to the community. MAHI’s name is taken from the Mahi River located in India, which happens to be a sacred river in a country where 103 million people lack safe water.

"MAHI Leather" "Frank Water Charity" "UK" "Leather"

“MAHI’s mission: To connect consumers with craftsmen, offer unmatched value, and hopefully do some good along way.”

I was excited to learn that MAHI believes that their consumers should always get the best deal possible and due to the “middle man” many times leather goods prices are often inflated which causes the craftsman to receive less money for their work which means consumers get less for their money. MAHI works so much differently! In fact every item is made to order and shipped directly to the person who made it to the customer. This route saves on cost.

"MAHI Leather" "Frank Water Charity" "UK" "Leather"

MAHI also works alongside Frank Water Charity, an organization based in the UK -FRANK works passionately to supply water and sanitation to the people in India. For every bag sold MAHI donates $1.50 to the charity to support their work. I learned that they’ve raised nearly $7,500 for FRANK and they have been able to provide over 510 people with clean water in their homes. Here’s what your purchase helps provide:

  1. $1.50 Provides the materials necessary to carry out water testing to a whole community of 250 people in FRANK Water’s Samerth project
  2. $15 Will provide clean, safe water and access to improved sanitation for one person
  3. $100 Provides water testing across two communities reaching 5000 people in FRANK Water’s CURE project
  4. $1,000 Enables FRANK Water to support 158 individuals in their Samerth project to claim access to land rights and improved sanitation through India’s Clean India Campaign
If you’re looking for quality bags made from full grain leather (which happens to be the best quality leather) be sure to check them out. MAHI has a host of bags to choose from: holdalls, totes, duffle and backpacks. You can even have your MAHI bag personalized! Trust me you will fall in love!

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