Marvel Live Is A Must See!!

Marvel Live

On last week the boys and I along with my nephew who is visiting for Christmas break all had the opportunity to go and see Marvel Live. As a mother of all boys I am use to going to boy movies and events so of course I had no idea what to expect when we were heading to the show. Needless to say that the boys were super excited. As we made our way from the parking garage to Philips Arena the crowds were filled with kids dressed as their favorite Marvel superhero and villain’s. My little man was amongst the superheroes! How ironic he had on his I Love New York sweatshirt that his granddad brought him during his last visit.


Once inside it was a Marvel Live impersonator heaven! It was like walking into an actual Marvel Comic Book. We took our seats just as the show was beginning. Let me start by saying the show was amazing from beginning to end. I was just as amazed as the kids. The show was action packed and full of surprises, explosions, fights and fires to name a few. The show is indeed one that I highly recommend taking your little ones too and even your big kids if they love Marvel Comic Books.



The boys were all smiles as they watched all of their favorite super heroes come alive from the pages of Marvel Comics. My youngest is a die-hard Superman & Thor fan and just seeing them live was a once in a lifetime event. We had the opportunity to capture a few scenes and we hope that you enjoy!


I would love to hear your thoughts!