"Natural hair" "Make Love" "Eric Scissor Hines" "Big Chop" "Taper Cut" "Savannah" "Georgia"
Natural Hair

My Barber /Stylist Made Love To My Hair And I Loved It!

Did you catch the title? Yes I meant every letter that I typed! I have been natural for years and after a horrible cut from a natural hair salon here in Atlanta that shall remain nameless I haven’t had a good cut in years. I guess you can say partly because I just haven’t made an effort. Well that is until I decided that it was time for me to get a trim but after careful deliberation I decided to get a cut and shape.

The kids were on spring break so we headed to Savannah, GA where I decided to get my hair cut by my stylist Eric “Scissor” Hines. My best friend Shahidah and I would run to Hines to get a blow-out every two weeks. We absolutely loved the way the products that he used gave us body but more importantly he was his styling technique and the way that he makes you feel during your shampoo and conditioning service. Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine walking in to your appointment and the moment that you enter, Hines greets you with a warm hug, then takes you by the hand as he leads you to his seat or the waiting area. Did I mention that he would provide strawberries, cheese, grapes, pastries and wine? Honey talk about an experience! It’s a total pampering session with Hines each and every time that he touches my hair!

"Natural hair" "Make Love" "Eric Scissor Hines" "Big Chop" "Taper Cut" "Savannah" "Georgia"

Let’s get to the total experience! On Tuesday, April 4 while in Savannah I decided to get my hair cut. I don’t know if I would call it a BC or a tapered cut. The moment that I walked into the shop Hines took me by the hand and led me to his salon suite. Once their he provided a consultation on my hair and then he guided me to the shampoo section. While at the shampoo bowl he immediately set the tone with some soothing R&B which just so happens to be my favorite and he proceeded to explain in full detail the shampoo, ingredients and its benefits for my hair. OK! Here’s where it gets sexy. The moment that he adds the shampoo and starts lathering up your hair it gives you an out of this world feeling. If you’ve never felt it then I suggest you check him out. The way that he massages your roots, ears and neck is UGHHHH! Instead of me attempting to explain how I felt here’s a picture that speaks volumes!

"Natural hair" "Make Love" "Eric Scissor Hines" "Big Chop" "Taper Cut" "Savannah" "Georgia"

HA! Just imagine the same process repeated again for my deep condition. Need I say anymore. Trust and believe that Hines definitely one of kind, in fact I haven’t met anyone else of his caliber yet! As he guided me back to his suite he walked me through his suggestions for cutting my hair and hence the hair cutting began.



"Natural hair" "Make Love" "Eric Scissor Hines" "Big Chop" "Taper Cut" "Savannah" "Georgia"

DRUM ROLL………………………………………………………………………………………………

"Natural hair" "Make Love" "Eric Scissor Hines" "Big Chop" "Taper Cut" "Savannah" "Georgia"

Needless to say that I love my hair and if you’re in the Savannah, GA area and you’re looking for an amazing barber/stylist please be sure to contact Eric Scissor Hines. Check out his video below:



Eric Scissorhines 
Facebook @EricScissorHines & IG @Eric_Scissor_Hines 👈🏾
💥 BOOKING: 912.224.0616 📞


Needless to say that I will be right back in his chair this month! My experience at Hines is always AMAZING!!!


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