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New Era Chicago Community Stand

The world has been constantly speaking about change. What we can do as a community to bring about change even if it’s in our own community. We’ll this morning while I was surfing through the internet I came across an organization based in Chicago call New Era Chicago. We’ll actually I ran across a video that was posted about them taking the initiative and trying to bring change to their neighborhood. Here’s the scenario:

A male of African American decent went inside the store/gas station and patiently waited for the clerk to speak with him. The gentleman from the NEC group requested to speak with the manager. The clerk insisted that the gentleman standing in the back aisle of the store was the manager. When he was asked he stated that he was not the manager and he refused to speak with the gentleman from NEC. The NEC gentleman along with his team of supporters exited the store as he gave the so call owner a few choice words. Upon departing the store the NEC crew began to completely block off all entrances to the store. 


While many may feel that he was trespassing on private property and I even saw a few comments that he could have been shot and killed but the bottom line is this organization as taken an initiative that so many are afraid to do and the committee with him are fed up. This particular owner happens to be foreign as stated in the video and the remarks that were allegedly stated to the community African Queens were they were called “BITCHES”. The NEC refuses to have other individuals of another ethnicity come into their neighborhoods and disrespect their Queens, Kids & Elders! I totally agree! The movement has to start somewhere and while those reading this story or viewing the NEC video disagree, my question is what have you done to bring about a change.

Please keep in mind that this is just one movement that I have brought to your attention. The NEC also does a ride which includes the organization gathering food to pass out on the train or bus to individuals in their community. This in done in memory of Rekia who was shot in the back of the head in 2012 by an off duty police officer, who was acquitted of the charges. The program is called Rekia’s Ride and you can donate here.

We as media shed light on what’s popping in the celebrities lives, fashion, music and foolishness but when do we all take a moment to utilize our platforms to help spread the news about the change that our fellow brothers and sisters are doing to increase the moral in their communities. The bottom line I we as a community need to start putting our money into our own minority/black owned businesses. In the case of the NEC situation there is actually a black owned gas station right up the street so they not only hit the abusive store in the pockets but they are driving economic resources back into our communities.

How are you making a change?