"Purge" "Stuff" "Naturalbabydol"

The Power Of A Purge

The definition of purge is getting rid of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release. The end of September I made the decision to start a personal purge to eliminate old baggage, old ways of thinking, old mindset and JUST STUFF!
I started out by re-organizing my home room by room. I had to do it this way because I just have too much STUFF! To give you an example, I still have various things from High School which means I have gifts from all aspects of my life. Honestly I truly only keep things that are sentimental  which ends up being TOO MUCH STUFF. For months I had been saying that I was going to do a cleanse of everything but there always seemed to be something that came up. I finally mentally made up my mind to start to “PURGE”.
The start of my purge was devastating because I just wanted to be selective and throw out things and attempt to keep some. But after about an hour or so of going back and forth with myself,  I said “The hell with it” and started to throw out everything! To my surprise the more that I threw out “STUFF” the better it felt getting rid of “The Past” and making way for my future. I could sit here and write to you guys and say that it was easy letting go but honestly it wasn’t. Many times we try to hold on to that small grasp of happiness that we once had in hopes that we will find it again in the future but in reality its imperative that we simply just move on.
"Purge" "Stuff" "Naturalbabydol"
“The Purge” was my way of letting go and opening myself to what God has in store for my future. What’s ironic is that the moment that I started to “LET GO” unlimited doors began to open to me. The next day after I started my purge I could see a sudden shift in the atmosphere. My email overflowed with opportunities, potential clients for my Media business found me and I could feel my pathway clearing up. So many times we get confused by believing that “STUFF” brings us happiness.
You know that you can pray to God until your blue in the face to bless you in a certain situation, financially or emotionally but if you’re all contaminated by garbage or old things that continue to pull you down then you will never be in the position to receive that which God has in store for you. Honestly for me this purge was for material possessions, my physical house as well as my spiritual home. The immediate SHIFT was like a world wind and I am thankful that I had the mindset to make the change. My PURGE CONTINUES!