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Naturalbabydol’s Spring ’16 Beauty Must Haves

Spring Is In The Air! The winter here in Atlanta was off to a super late start and once in full effect we were screaming for warmer weather. The warmer weather calls for everyone to make a change to their daily regimens. Ever since I can remember my mother has always been very adamant about her beauty regimen which trickled down to me as a child watching her ensure that she took out time to take care of her skin.

Today I want to share a few of my Spring Beauty Must Haves for 2016. I haven’t used an aerosol deodorant product since I was in middle school because I was one of those kids that didn’t want to contribute to dismantling of the ozone layer. I was recently sent a full size Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray from Influenster to try. Honestly I was a bit skeptical about using the product but soon found out that it actually gives me 48 hour protection just as it says on the bottle. The feel of the deodorant is non-existence and its perfect for sleeveless or strapless shirts or dresses. The Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray is definitely a must have!


"Beauty" "Dove" "La Bella" "Tree Hut" My second must have is the Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Clay Mask. This mask is the BOMB! I only purchase one from Wal-mart and the great thing is that it only cost $1.27 plus you can get 2-4 applications from one packet. That’s super reasonable and a great addition to your beauty regimen. The mask deep cleans and purifies your pores. I apply the mask every two weeks and it leaves my face feeling revived.

"Beauty" "Dove" "La Bella" "Tree Hut" "Freeman" Allow me to introduce you to Tree Hut. Tree Hut is a company that aims to balance the right ingredients to deliver the right results to their consumers. I have definitely tried my share of sugar scrubs over the past few years but when I tell you that the Tropical Mango Shea Sugar Scrub is the business. Trust that it is! Now many of you know that I’m an Island Girl and when I use this amazing sugar scrub, I feel like I am back in Jamaica taking a refreshing shower in the middle of the day with mangoes that we grow in our yard. Tree Hut you guys hit it on the head. The texture and fragrance are spot on! I’m going to be a consumer for life and I look forward to trying their other products.

Frank Body is another body scrub that use. Its a scrub that’s made for tough love. Its made with freshly ground robusta coffee, cold pressed sweet almond oil, brown sugar & sea salt and a hint of orange essence. I found Frank’s in a little boutique and opted to give it a try. I don’t use it on a regular basis like I do with my Tree Hut but its perfect for a once a month scrub.

"Beauty" "Dove" "La Bella" "Tree Hut" "Freeman"

We can forget about our beautiful feet, legs and arms. That’s where La Bella comes in to play in my beauty regimen. The La Bella Gel Revitalizante Para Pies is an amazing revitalizing foot gel with Aloe Vera & Eucalyptus. I have had foot pain from the years of work that I did standing on my feet and one try of this foot gel has helped soothe my sore feet as well as revitalizing them. I love this product so much that I took it to my nail shop for the pedicurist to add it to one of her many items that she uses on her clients feet. 

The La Bella Aceite De Rosa Mosquenta is a Rose Hip Oil with Vitamin E that treats your dry or chap skin. My Pedicurist uses it to moisturize my legs after a pedicure and I use it as a daily moisturizer. I have also found that over the past few months I discovered a few stretch mark on my thighs and using this oil has help make a few disappear. It’s definitely a great addition to any beauty influencers regimen.