"Stay At Home Mom"

Six Reasons Why I Never Wanted To Be A Stay At Home Mom

I can recall as a little girl playing with all of the beautiful doll babies that my mother had brought for me over the years and a light clicked on. I decided then that I did not want to be a Stay At Home Mom attending to the kids and house all day. No! I wanted to become a lawyer, defend cases and travel the world. Why? Here are my ten reasons:

  1. Staying at home all day would indeed bore me.
  2. I wanted to work in Corporate America.
  3. My desire to climb the corporate ladder was more important than raising kids all day.
  4. My mind was set on earning a great salary.
  5. I had always worked from the age of 13 so it seemed like the norm.
  6. I wanted to chase the American Dream.

Here’s my story. I was blessed with a corporate great paying job right out of college which relocated my family and I to Richmond, VA. One can imagine that your first “real” job is exciting and your ready to dive in and that’s exactly what happened. I became that person. That corporate robot after a few years that longed for the next great thing which set the wheels in motion for me to be blessed with another amazing opportunity. But there’s a catch to this opportunity. I was making a great salary once again but now working four to six twelve-hour shifts. Talk about draining the hell out of yourself. At this time I now have two kids and the age gaps are crazy! People asked why did I even think about having my kids so gapped out in years. My response was “should I have had them like steps, close together?”

Can you see where my story is headed? The first two kids are what I refer to as “Corporate Kids”. You know that kids that only see mommy when she’s rushing to pick them up from after school before she gets a fine, the mommy that you only see at dinner and occasionally for breakfast because she’s making a mad dash to drop the kids off to school and head back to her slave driving corporate job. You know the one that brings in the “Big Bucks”. Fast=Forward four years later my third child is born and this time I have already made the transition to Corporate Job number three. This one is stressful as HELL! Again the money is better than all of the other corporate positions that I held except with the stress of the job comes stress with my pregnancy. I begin to stop and think maybe this isn’t the life that I want. Perhaps slowing down and being home with my kids sounds better and better every day. No I didn’t quit I continued to work on the plantation which resulted in me going on bed rest and then giving birth to child number three. You guessed it I took my happy tail right back to work because I was then an high-potential candidate with a rising career. Ha! One day I went to work and found myself unemployed.

I took the lack of having a job as a setback and stress kicked in. I searched high and low for a job, day after day, week after week. A few years passed before I was gainfully employed again.

Fast forward: I started blogging in 2013 as a hobby while I was working full-time. The plot thickens of July 2014 I found myself unemployed for the second time in my life. I made the decision at that moment to work diligently on my blog to one day turn it into a full-time money-making source. As we all know that takes a lot of hard work and I mean a lot! It’s a constant hustle! Fortunately for me its fun and I am at home with my kids. I was blessed with the knowledge to save money for a rainy day and budget the hell out of my money. Guess that’s why I have made it this far! That and constant blogging hustling! I now find myself with Six Reasons Why I Love Being A Stay At Home Mom:

  1. I get the joy of taking my kids to the bus stop in the morning and picking them up afterschool.
  2. I’m the classroom parent and I love it!
  3. I can prepare meals with my kids and build memories.
  4. I get to stay in my pajamas all day long and I love it.
  5. I get to travel when the mood hits with my family.
  6. I get to bake cupcakes throughout the day if I want to.

Although it’s not the typical American Dream and must say that I absolutely LOVE BEING A STAY AT HOME MOM! Although I am currently seeking employment I pray that I am blessed with a travel writing position or an opportunity to work for a company or brand that allows me the luxury to work at home and be here for my kids!

Are you a stay at home mom or dad? What are your six reasons you love it?


I would love to hear your thoughts!