"Giraffe Razor Extension Handle" "Beauty" "Summer"
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Summer Beauty Must Have: Giraffe Razor Extension

A Best-Kept Beauty Secret

Ladies the warmer season is upon us and that means that its time for us to pull out our super cute dresses and shorts. For many of us we often suffer from “hairy legs” syndrome. You know what I’m referring to…those super hairy legs that you find yourself shaving a few times a week. Well let me introduce you the Giraffe Razor Extension Handle. This is my favorite go-to beauty accessory.

"Giraffe Razor Extension Handle" "Beauty" "Summer"

The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle is a Shaving Accessory Designed to Customize the Length and Angle of your  Premium Disposable or Reusable Razor. I’m sure that you can relate when I say that I am so over the bending and lifting your leg up process to ensure that you get a clean shave on your legs and by far is one the best kept beauty secret gadgets . The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle , A Benefit that specifically helps women who are unable to shave their legs due to the discomfort of symptoms associated with a chronic medical condition such as muscular dystrophy arthritis and back pain. Also, women who a recovering from hip and knee replacement surgery and expecting moms in their second and third trimester of pregnancy would benefit from shaving with the Giraffe.

"Giraffe Razor Extension Handle" "Beauty" "Summer"

This Innovative Women’s Shaving Accessory features two universal razor attachments, small and large, that snap onto the head of the handle and provide a means of securely locking your razor into place. These attachments easily accommodate the most popular men’s and women’s PREMIUM disposable and reusable razors on the market today. The Giraffe features a telescoping handle that extends the length of your razor an additional 15-20 inches, a benefit that virtually eliminates the need to bend at the waist or put yourself in an awkward position to shave those hard-to-reach areas. What I found amazing was that it has a pivoting head that easily rotates to a 30°, 45° or  90° angle, maximizing your flexibility, another added benefit that decreases the risk of slipping or falling in the shower. Also, the Giraffe’s no-slip grip is made with a rubberized finish to help give the control needed to shave your legs safely.

Isn’t this a great gadget? Share one of your best-kept Beauty Secrets with us!