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10 Ways To Relax & Enjoy A Massage

Life can sometimes wear you down. You find yourself dealing with work, deadlines, family and kids. The stress can be unbearable at times and you’re looking for a way to unwind and relax. Why not consider getting a massage? After all its a great way to step away from life’s hustle and bustle. Are you ready?

So you’ve made the decision to have a massage. What’s next? If you’re a person who has never had a massage or if you’ve had one but didn’t quite anticipate how your massage would go then these 10 tips are perfect for you!

  1. Set aside time for your massage. Schedule your massage on a day that you can completely relax and not be rushed.
  2. Select a massage center close to home so that your drive is short and you can continue to relax at home after your session.
  3. Wear something comfortable and super easy to take off. Remember your massage will normally be 60-90 minutes.
  4. Turn off your cell phone to maximize your massage.
  5. Be open with your therapist about your pressure points. Let them know if it’s not enough or too much pressure. If this is your first massage I would not recommend a deep tissue massage.
  6. Bring your own spa relaxing cd for your session if it will help you to relax  better.
  7. Breathe deeply. As your oxygen flows you will feel the release and better during your massage.
  8. Consciously relax your mind and body. Focus on one body part at a time. Leave all stress outside of the massage room.
  9. Feel free to allow yourself to be immersed in the massage! Escape for an hour!
  10. Purchase any relaxation creams, lotions or candles from your massage center that helped you relax so you can use them on stressful days.

Schedule your next massage session! Why not? You deserve a R & R!