The Insiders: Hisense Electric Stainless Steel Dishwasher Review

Hey Love Muffins! I have been so busy this entire month. Before I get started this is going to be a two part review. My 18-year-old is going to provide his feedback a little later. As the new year started I decided that this would be the year of self-care and that includes my home. I have been so busy taking care of everyone else that I have slowly let my world unravel at the seams. This month I dedicated time to both myself, kids and my home. I absolutely love my house and although I am not one of those people who share intimate pictures of my space I decided to break that rule when The Insiders blessed me with the opportunity to review a Hisense Model HUI6220XCUS  dishwasher. If you haven’t heard about Insiders they are an amazing Influencer brand that allows you to purchase specific brand items at their insider rates. I applied for this campaign with the mindset that I would pay $349 insider price which was a good deal since the retail price is $599 plus my current dishwasher died so I was washing everything by hand as I shopped around for a new dishwasher. Guess what? I received an email stating that they wanted to bless me with the dishwasher at no cost. God is in the blessing business.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was really impressed with the service and the timeliness of the order being placed and the delivery. I have been hearing so much buzz about Hisense plus I have a few friends who absolutely love their brand so of course I was all on board to give them a try.

Hisense Dishwasher

Hisense Dishwasher Highlights:

  • Energy star certified
  • Stainless steel door
  • LED touch display
  • Electronic DW30.2 control unit
  • 5 washing temperatures
  • SpeedWash
  • Self-cleaning
Hisense Dishwasher

My immediate reaction was that I fell in love with the sleek look. It gives your kitchen an immediately chic, modern facelift. I love this particular dishwasher because it saves you time, effort, and energy! The Hisense Dishwasher features Auto Dry Technology to ensure that all of your dishes are fully dry and ready to put away. An added bonus that caught my eye was the fact that there is an option to open the door after your washing cycle and there’s a sanitize option is intended for items with particularly high sanitation requirements, such as baby bottles and cutting boards. It’s equipped with adjustable racks to help you store everything from tall vases to large pots and pans. It has fully stainless steel door and an LED electronic touch control panel with five washing temperatures that allow for customization so I can wash my delicate dinnerware passed down from generation to generation or clean tough cooked on stains from heavy duty pots and pans. Best of all, The Hisense dishwasher is certified by Energy Star  for high performance and low utility costs which is music to my ears.

Millennial Review

Billy Age 18, High School Senior

Honestly I dreaded the days that were in my rotation of dish duty. I couldn’t wait for mom to purchase a new dishwasher and then one day I came home from school and we had a new dish washer. I could tell from the moment that I saw it that it was going to save me so much time on my chore day. I don’t mind helping out but on days where I have to go to school at 5AM for JROTC Riffle practice, go to work immediately after school along with homework and chores it can be a very busy day. Thanks to Hisense doing the dishes is one less thing on my list. I presently attend school two days a week and I’m virtual the other three days so you already know that momma tries to give me dish duty a lot. It’s actually okay now that we have our Hisense Dishwasher because it makes it so much quicker. I can stack all of the cereal bowls, pots and pans inside, select one of the five wash cycles and go! It’s that easy. I think that this is a great product.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.