The Lego Batman Movie

The kids and I were invited out by Allied Atlanta earlier this week to attend their VIP Private Screening of The Batman Lego Movie. Can I admit that I was just as excited as the kids to see the movie? I can recall when we first saw The Lego movie starring Emmet and how funny it was to see how Batman reacted to Emmet. What I found funny is Batman appeared very self-centered in The Lego Movie and that just trickled over into his starring role in The Batman Lego Movie.

"Lego Batman" "Warner Bros" "Family" "Batman" "Naturalbabydol"

The movie starts off with crazy punch lines that had the entire theatre in stitches. Let’s just say that Batman can narrate the craziest scene and still have the audience laughing. Although this is an animated family movie Warner Bros. did an amazing job with adding in many life lessons that can be applied to our everyday lives. Here are 5 lessons that the kids learned from The Batman Lego Movie:

  1. You have to let the past go and live in the present.
  2. Family isn’t always blood but those who have your best interest at heart and love you unconditionally.
  3. There is no “I” in TEAM.
  4. Never be afraid to ask for help.
  5. It takes a TEAM to be successful.

As the movie rushes into its plot you find Joker needing the affection of Batman, who seems to be “Only The Lonely”. In fact Joker was sad that he wasn’t Batman’s arch enemy. Joker looked as if he was going to cry. I found it hilarious that Batman said that Superman was his arch enemy but did he forget that they are both apart of the Justice League?

"Lego Batman" "Warner Bros" "Family" "Batman" "Naturalbabydol"

It’s apparent that Batman feels like he’s a one man show. Needless to say that the Joker is hurt and seeks the ultimate revenge. As the movie progresses Batman ends up adopting a son that he had no idea that he adopted because he was so captivated by the Council Woman AKA Bat Girl. I can appreciate how the story unfolds and Robin (who was his adopted son) eventually works alongside home along with fellow heroes and even some enemies to ensure that they save Gotham City. I won’t spoil this amazing movie for you. The Lego Batman Movies is in theatres TODAY!

"Lego Batman" "Warner Bros" "Family" "Batman" "Naturalbabydol"

P/C: Warner Bros.