The Mischievous Minions Takeover The 21st Annual Essence Fest + Prize Pack Giveaway!

This past week the 21st Annual Essence Festival was held in New Orleans and thousands of people gathered to the city for three day of celebration, reunions with old friends & family, partying and of course mayhem. This was my second year attending the Essence Festival and I was looking forward to having an amazing time but I noticed that there were these little yellow minions lurking about and of course I was curious to see what in the world they were up to and why were they at the Essence Festival. I arrived on Thursday and decided to take a stroll over to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center to take a sneak peek and what did I see upon arrival to the front door? Three little mischievous minions.

Mischievousminions, minions

It was obvious that they intended to stand in line all night long so that when the doors opened on Friday morning they would be the first ones to enter. If you have ever been to the Essence Festival then you can totally understand the logic behind their mission. I waved at them and went to grab my press credentials. Here is where I made the mistake! Never ever underestimate minions. I grabbed my credentials and headed to Café Du Monde. As I was walking I noticed that my credentials were gone so I started looking for them when all of a sudden a friend called and said that they were posting pictures on social media with their credentials.

Mischievousminions, minions

It appeared that they had grabbed a set of my credentials so that they could run all around the essence festival without standing in line and it would allow them exclusive access behind the scenes. The minions decided that since they had credentials that there was no need to stand in line all night and shortly there after were spotted in a bag of beignets from Café Du Monde.

Mischievousminions, minions

Later that evening I headed over to the Kevin Hart Comedy show. The rules were very clear during the show that you could not have your cameras out nor could you take pictures or video footage of the show. The ushers were literally taking people out and then all of a sudden I see the usher heading towards a chair a few rows over and guess who was getting kicked out for sneaking a photo? The Mischievous Minions.

Mischievousminions, minions

The next few days of the Essence Festival were upon us and walking and sometimes be hectic so Ford is always on hand to give you the opportunity to test drive their newest vehicles. As I was walking in the Convention Center I heard a few ladies screaming and when I looked to see what was happening it was the minions sneaking a ride on the window of the vehicle.

Mischievousminions, minions

Once inside the Convention Center it was a packed house and it’s always great to see people from all over the world just enjoying themselves. Friends and Family gathered together and patiently waited in line to see celebrities, hear inspirational messages and gather amazing swag. The minions continued to be spotted all around Essence, in fact I spotted them in the hands of a few of New Orleans Police Officers. I am not sure if they were caught doing something mischievous. I didn’t ask especially after all of mayhem from yesterday with them.082


Looks like after all of the mischief the minions got hungry. I spotted them in the Essence Eats section sharing a delicious bowl of cheese grits with shrimps.


As I made my way to the press room I realized that I had another event to attend before hitting the press room at the Super Dome so after a few interview sessions I headed out for the day to get ready for the evening concerts. Upon arrival to the Super Dome all of the press headed to the press room for interviews. It was great to see fellow journalist and we all chatted in between sessions and all of a sudden the sound and lights started doing some odd things. The head of the sound team took a look and spotted the minions sliding on the box like it was toy so at this point I grabbed them and made them sit down with me and assist with conducting interviews and afterwards they asked if we could all get a picture together for their memory book.

Mischievousminions, minions

Ready for the minions to hit the big screen again? The Minions movie hits theaters July 10th. Check out their funny trailer!

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  1. We have quite a few little mischievous moments. One that recently comes to mind is when we played hide and seek in a department store.

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