Vintage 1950's Garden Rockabilly Swing Dress
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The Perfect Vintage 1950’s Garden Rockabilly Swing Dress

It’s no secret that I have been a lover of dresses my entire life. In fact at 42 I can still remember the majority of the cute dresses that my mom use to buy me as a little girl. To top the adorable dresses I also had the cutest pea coats. I was and will forever remain a girly girl. The last five years I have been telling both my mom and my sister that I was going to start purchasing more vintage dresses particularly from the 1950s and 1960s. I guess you can say that I have always obsessed over Jackie O’s fashion with a twist of Mary Tyler Moore with the swag of First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Vintage 1950's Garden Rockabilly Swing Dress

The last couple of months I have been on the mission to find as many vintage/retro dress as I could find. There isn’t one particular site or store you just have to really conduct your research until you find what draws your attention. Luckily for me over the past few months I have placed several orders and upon delivery they have all been PERFECT! The size, style and fit are exactly what I was looking for and I was very pleased. 

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Vintage 1950's Garden Rockabilly Swing Dress


Vintage 1950's Garden Rockabilly Swing Dress

Who doesn’t love a cute little black dress? Add on a few polka dots and it’s simply dreamy! Needless to say that this was the perfect dress. I decided to add a black petticoat underneath for that extra flair. After all that what the beauties did in the 1960s. I was a little indifferent at first when ordering the petticoat because I’m still educating myself on knowing exactly which petticoat goes with the dresses that I purchased based on the style. I will tell you that it’s not cheap purchasing petticoats and you definitely want that “EXTRA PUFF”. I decided to add a cute jacket for that added flair and make me think of all of the years that I visited London.




Outfit Details:

Dress: OWIN

Shoes: Madeline

Bracelet: Tiffanys



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