Travel Tuesday: Packing for the Essence Festival

Hello fellow travelers! Today is Travel Tuesday and today I will be sharing with you how I prepare and pack for my road trip to New Orleans for the 20th Annual Essence Festival. Although this is my first time attending I have visited New Orleans many, many times on both business and leisure trips, however this time will be a Girls Road Trip which I am extremely excited about because I know that we are going to have a fantastic time. Our road starts in less than two days. HOORAY! Here are a few tips:

  1. Pack as much as you can! DUH! It’s ESSENCE! There are so many events going on for the weekend. A day and night outfit is MUST!
  2. Wear comfortable shoes! You will be walking for hours and hours. There is just so much to see.
  3. Pack a cute pair of shoes to go with your night outfit. (Go ahead and be super cute)
  4. Bring an extra suitcase for all of the goodies that you will collect. In the case of PRODUCT JUNKIES you just need to send your items back by Greyhound.
  5. Pack a copy of your identification or passport ( if you’re flying) to store in your hotel room safe.
  6. Pack sunscreen or cute straw hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  7. Pack some healthy snacks & water to cure mini craving during the festivities.
  8. Pack extra chargers for cell phone, iPad, camera and all other electronic gadgets.


See you in a few days! #ESSENCEFEST



I would love to hear your thoughts!