Traveling Across Four States Gave Me A Sore Throat! GoGargle To The Rescue!

A few weeks ago the family and I decided to end 2014 and start 2015 off with traveling. After all as a child I was always taught that how you end and begin the year sets the stage for what’s to come. We plan to do a lot more traveling this year than we did on last year. I know that some of you are saying to yourselves that last year we lived on the road. Yes that’s true and this year we plan to eat, sleep and awake on the road.

The last week of December we set off for Savannah where we only stayed for day before we headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where we stayed for three days. Imagine this! We originally left from Atlanta and the climates in each state were totally different. In fact Savannah was the warmest and in Myrtle Beach it was raining combined with cold weather. Our destination did not end there because in New Year Eve we flew up to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Imagine what the weather was like there. COLD! A few days later the kids and I headed to New York to visit family.




So can you guest what happened to me? I now have a sore throat! I am blessed to have my GoGargle drops! Did you know that:

-Each year over 15 million people visit a doctor for a sore throat. GoGargle! is based on the time-tested remedy of salt water gargling, but is a new, convenient and tasty way to soothe your sore throat!

-Gargling with warm salt water has been touted by Grandmas and health experts for generations because it is a time-tested remedy that works.

-The special blend of salts reduce painful inflammation and bacteria in the back of your throat by drawing fluid out of swollen tissue, while the aloe, chamomile, honey and zinc soothe and moisturize it.

-Unlike colored sprays and drops made with scary sounding chemical ingredients that only hide the pain for a while, GoGargle! is made up of salts to treat the sore throat and soothing ingredients like honey and aloe to moisturize. This combination of ingredients both reduces inflammation but also soothes and moisturizes making GoGargle! a more natural way to treat a sore throat.

-GoGargle! tablets make treating your sore throat easy: just drop a tablet in a glass of warm water, let it dissolve, then gargle your sore throat away! You can grab your coupon by clicking here.

-GoGargle! doesn’t just mask the pain (like sprays or drops), but the healing power of salt works to reduce inflammation, while the honey, aloe and chamomile soothe throat tissue and provide long-lasting relief.

Long are the days where we use old wives remedies to cure a sore throat because now we have GoGargle! I can recall as a little girl my granny would mop my tonsils if I have a sore throat. Yes I am showing my age but that was her remedy for a sore throat and trust me you do not want to experience it. Needless to say that as an adult I was so happy to have my GoGargle tablets instead of resulting to one of my granny’s remedies. Note to self: traveling across multiple states with different climates will result in a sore throat or worst. I am thankful that it was just a sore, scratchy throat.



Wow! I was so happy to get rid of my sore throat thanks to GoGargle and the taste isn’t bad at all. In fact its minty and perfect for the occasion. I know that its freezing in some areas and I am sure that one of my readers would love to be the winner of their own 10-ct GoGargle product and a $20 CVS gift card. So what are you waiting for enter the contest today so you can help spread the word about GoGargle!


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