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Wash N Go With Crème Of Nature With Argan From Morocco

While working in New Orleans last month during Essence Festival I received a gift bag with two full size bottles and samples of the Crème of Nature with Argan Oil From Morocco line. If many of you followed me many moons ago before Facebook & Twitter then you know that I use to do YouTube videos about natural hair, vision boards and raising kids with natural hair specifically boys. My old handle then was Lawschooldesire. I decided a few years back to stop vlogging and here I am again now in 2015 blogging. It’s funny how times change.

I have a very simple process for both my sons and I natural hair when it comes to cleanliness. I prefer to do co-washes and apple cider rises when needed. I’m no different from other naturals as we all have an unlimited supply of products in our cabinets. I had been looking at the product for a while so I finally decided to give it a try on a wash n go style which I normally don’t wear anymore.

1. I started off by co washing with their Crème of Nature Pure-Licious Co-Wash

Creme of Nature Pure Licious Co Wash

2. Next I mixed the Crème of Nature Butter-Licious Curls & Pudding Perfection together for a quick wash n go style and allowed it to air dry.


Creme of Nature Pure Licious Co Wash

Creme of Nature Pure Licious Co Wash

The product did not clump and dried without any residue. The wash n go was cute for about one day and afterwards I really didn’t like it so I decided to create another style from the old one so I put some two strand twist in my hair and pulled it up in a front ponytail. This style was one that I actually liked and wore for a another week and a half before co-washing again.

Natural hair

Natural Hair

I am definitely loving the definition of my twist and these products leave your hair so soft and moisturized. Stay tuned for my kids natural hair review on this product.





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