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Yoga Diary: March Week One

Happy Day Yogi’s! This week has had its ups and downs. I made the decision to take a 3 month  Vinyasa Flow Yoga class which I will attend on Tuesdays. There are many different types and styles of yoga. So what is Vinyasa? Vinyasa yoga is the when your movement is synchronized to the breath. This particular style is often times called flow yoga because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become in sync like a dance. This was my first time taking a vinyasa class so it was very important that I learn this important component.

My  teacher was constantly guiding us from one pose to the next on an inhale and then an exhale. The class wasn’t too intense, however it did work me out. The first class was full of breathing techniques, downward dog, eagle pose, planks and reverse planks. The poses tell it all!. Upon further research I learned that vinyasa is translated from Sanskrit as meaning “connection.  In terms of yoga asana, we can interpret this as a connection between movement and breath. The class that I took this week was such a great asset to my practice at home. I am now able to utilize the techniques that I learned in class to assist me with getting into some of the poses as well as when I am meditating. I have found sitting in a quiet room listening to myself breathing has allowed me to align myself with a much desired peace that I have personally been seeking for a long time.

As many of you may know that have been following me on social media that I decided to take on three different yoga challenges for the month of March. I know crazy right especially with me just getting back into yoga but trust me its addictive. Once you find that inner peace and start to accomplish poses that you once thought were impossible it becomes like a drug that you need daily. Except it’s a healthy drug. The best part is I lost eight pounds since my last visit to the doctor on last month. Here are a few poses from week one and be sure to check out the second photo where I am wearing my YMXBYYELLOWMAN Magenta Radiant Butterfly Arm Warmers.012 009 007 037 041 044 006 003 You can follow my journey on Instagram to see my daily updates as I continue my yoga journey. ~Namaste

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