Hey Love Bugs! Let me start by saying THANK YOU to Alderman Van Johnson in Savannah, Georgia. The past few days The Low Country has been under a Hurricane Watch and through the entire process Alderman Johnson was on the ground in Savannah providing numerous updates throughout the days. The matter in which he’s willing to lay his life on the line for the City of Savannah showcases what kind of Mayor he will be once he’s elected.

Today I want to share a few hacks that you can use in the event of a Hurricane, Tornado or Tropical Storm. Here are few hacks:

  1. Use the washer as a cooler:  Did you know that you could use your washer as a cooler? Right before the storm hits, fill the washing machine tub with ice and beverages. Easy Peasy!
  2. The Penny trick: This is especially helpful if you have to evacuate. Freeze a cup of water and then put a penny on top. Stash it in the freezer. If the power goes out long enough for the ice to melt, the penny will be on the bottom, signaling that those frozen goods are spoiled and must be trashed. Upside: Clean freezer! Viola!
  3.  Store documents in the dishwasher. Place important papers, documents and heirloom photos in plastic bags and store them in the dishwasher for safe keeping.
  4. Make a lantern: Kid-Friendly! If you find yourself sitting in the dark during a storm. This is a great hack! Strap a headlamp to a gallon of water to light the room with a soft glow.
  5. Freeze zip-seal bags: Fill zip-seal freezer bags from the tap about 3/4 full, seal them well and lay them flat in the freezer. They can then be used to keep food cold if the power goes out and double as drinking water.
  6. Royal flush. Use pool water to fill up the toilet tank and flush. If you don’t have a pool you can simply buy or use a clean 30-gallon garbage can. Set it up on the patio near a door. Don’t worry. It won’t blow away because one gallon weighs 8.34 pounds. Line the can with a heavy-duty garbage bag and fill it up with the hose. Put the lid on.
  7. Power Inverter: Don’t worry if you can’t afford to purchase an expensive portable generator? An inverter costs about $30 at home improvement stores. They hook up to the car battery and create AC power. Perfect for coffee maker or toaster.
  8. Turn off your Facebook app: Turn your Facebook App after being marked safe. Reports show that the app may take up the battery usage on your phone so make sure you turn off location settings, background app refresh as well as push notifications. A great way to preserve your battery life during a storm.
  9. Dog potty hack: Place grass or sod inside of a kiddie pool or plastic container for your Fur Baby to go potty during the storm.
    Did you know that you can make fire starter balls out of vaseline and cotton balls. This is an easy way to start and maintain a fire when needed.
    Storing matches in a mason jar with a strikeable lid will give you an easy way to light those handy “fire starter” balls.