12 Months of Travel! Destination Myrtlewood Villas #Wanderlust

Traveling to Myrtle Beach has become a family tradition especially  during their holiday breaks and what better way to get away then during the kids Christmas Vacation. This season Myrtle Beach was like a ghost town. I can recall all of the times that we have traveled their and the streets were filled with families hustling and bustling along site-seeing, shopping and enjoying themselves. This year was a bit different so we decided to stay away from the beach rather than on the oceanfront like we have during our previous trips.

We decided to grab a deal offline at one the timeshare facilities, Myrtlewood Villas. Let me pause right here for a minute. I travel a lot and many times at the last-minute so booking a place to stay on Expedia or is apart of my life. However, this particular time the facility was not one of the best that I have stayed in and for me with my line of work is imperative that I have internet. Upon checkout we headed to our room which was a great room except for one thing! NO NET! Since we had been traveling all day long we stayed there until the next morning when we could be moved to another room. I hope that your following me because this is ROOM #1:





The same night as check in we requested another room and unfortunately had to stay the night because by then it was after 11pm and the office was closed. This room appeared to be very stuffy in fact I am pretty sure that this was a model room that they use to show their potential clients or perhaps to store supplies. My youngest has allergies so one night was the max for us to stay in this stuffy space. Check out room #2 pictures:



Wondering why I thought it was a show/work condo? Look at what I found in the closet upon further investigating! Needless to say that I was pissed! Thankfully the kids were already asleep and first thing in the morning we were OUT!


WTH! Right! The front desk acted as if they had no idea. Remember this is not a free stay and even if it was this would be totally unacceptable!

On to the next room! Yes! If you’re keeping up we are now on room #3. So this room was a bit old fashion and guess what? NO NET! I must have my internet connection. Here’s a few pictures of room #3:





I know what your thinking by this time you would have said F it and left well I wanted my satisfaction. So I spoke with the Manager finally and we came to an agreement and they gave us the two bedroom suite. Yep the internet worked. I had previously only requested a one bedroom since there was a pull out sofa, however room #4 was on point and was our residence for three days until we set out to fly to Atlantic City for the New Year. Here are pictures of room #4






052I can’t imagine how the Manager felt when I mentioned that I was a top contributor on Trip Advisor. I will continue to be honest on all of my reviews and I would not recommend staying here unless you already own a timeshare. See that’s what I get for not staying to a family members time share in Myrtle Beach. As the saying goes “A Hard Head Makes A Soft Behind!”. I indeed learned my lesson but all in all the kids had a great tine and they do have a small inside lazy river so one can only imagine that my youngest was in heaven. Stay tuned for our next adventure in our 2015, 12 Months of Travel.



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