2015 Top 10 Wine Travel Destinations

The 2015 Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations has been released by Wine Mag. As a traveler I love to try different wines when I’m traveling. I have traveled all over the world each time I always find at least one favorite at each destination. I was extremely excited as I am sure many of my fellow wine lovers will be as they enjoy the Top 10 Wine Travel Destinations to visit in 2015.

“Each year, our editors traipse the globe in search of the world’s most exciting wine destinations. From the iconic Old World to surprising newcomers, the following list should shape your travel plans for the year to come”. (Wine Enthusiast Editors)

1. Finger Lakes located in upstate New York is on the best kept secrets among wine enthusiast. It’s the home to some of the best cool-climate wines in America. One that is popular is their world-class Riesling.  Fingerlakes


2. Piedmont is located in northwest Italy and bordering Switzerland and France, Piedmont is Italy’s second-largest region, and the most mountainous.



3.  Hawkes Bay is New Zealand’s grape-growing paradise.



4. Rhone Valley is France’s second-largest wine-growing area.



5. Orlando is known for being kid-friendly but we must learn to expect the unexpected in Orlando! Orlando is becoming known for their amazing world-class wine experiences.

The Four Seasons Orlando


6. Galicia is located in the northwestern corner of Spain. Galicia’s  is known for its world-class seafood, and the region qualifies as a top destination for adventurous wine-and-food lovers. Enjoy their beautiful castles!


7. Okanagan Valley



8. Loire Valley located in France



9. Mendocino, California



10. Istria, Italy


Whew! I am excited to learn about the Top Ten Wine Travel Destinations. Heck! I have even edited my travel intention list to add a few. Where will your travels take you in 2015? Are any of these destinations on your 2015 Travel List. We would love to hear about your stories and adventures.


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