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35th Annual Drum Major for Justice Awards Gala

Drum Major for Justice Awards Gala Honorees  Dr. Evelyn Gibson Lowery, Sabrina Fulton and First Lady Michelle Obama

The SCLC Women’s Organizational Movement for Equality Now, Inc. was founded by Evenly Gibson Lowery in 1979 and the mission is to offer intergenerational programs designed to empower women, girls and families as they relate to human rights, social action, economic self sufficiency, reduction of health disparities and leadership to build strong families and communities. . On Friday night I was blessed to attend the 35th Annual Drum Major for Justice Awards Gala that was held at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The event was filled with civil activist, politicians, celebrities and city official who all came out to celebrate the achievement of the amazing women that were being honored. The evening was filled with prayer, songs, poems, a tribute to Trayvon Martin and skits. Karyn Greer, Monica Pearson & Lisa Rayam performed a skit titled, “Anchored Voices. While Bernice A. King, Nancy Hill Cooke, Elizabeth Omilami and Mary Liuzzo Lilleboe performed “The Content of my Character skit.

Perhaps the most heart warming moment of the evening was when Sabrina Fulton took the stage to receive her award. She represents every mother that has a son that could possible find themselves in the same heart-aching situation that the world has shared with her on her journey to bringing awareness for everyones son. Sabrina Fulton is a dynamic woman and just to be in the same room  with her let alone dine with her was simply amazing. She spoke with grace, humility and anointing. Dr. Joseph Lowery accepted the award on behalf of his wife and it was an honor to meet him and speak with a civil rights activist that my grandmother use to tell me stories about when I was a child. The evening was filled with love, joy and an abundance of power to go out into your community and make a change. I am thankful for this opportunity.

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