Our Trip to Yo Tops

Imagine the excitement that the kids and I felt when we learned that there was a Yo Tops near our neighborhood. The location is perfect and accessible for us to get to with ease on those days when we want to make a quick run for a sweet treat. If you’re not familiar with Yo Tops they sell assorted flavors of frozen yogurt and some ice cream as well. The idea is that there are over fifty toppings to choose from and that’s what makes it a blast for the kids. They have choices that range from Captain Crunch cereal, pretzels, cherries, nerds, sour worms and broken waffle cones to name a few. The kids always get a blast out of preparing their own sweet treats. The price isn’t bad either. Its $0.45 an ounce. We normally pay about $7 bucks for the three of us. If your ever in the Fayetteville, GA area near Peachtree City its indeed worth checking out. Until the next time! Sweet Ya Later!

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