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5 Fall Trends You Need to Update Your Wardrobe

5 fall trends you need this season!  This year color and patterns are super trendy.  During fashion week, bloggers and fashion enthusiasts rocked animal prints and polka dots with pops of color.  

Fall is finally here so I’m sharing the 5 fall pieces you need to update your wardrobe!

5 Fall Trends (AKA The Pieces You Need!)

  1. Leopard (top, skirt, boots…)
  2. Mustard (pants, coats, tops…)
  3. Polka Dots (dress and top)
  4. Wide Leg Trousers (cropped or full length)
  5. Low-heel shoe (ankles, sling back heels…)

These trends are really fun because they let you play with colors and patterns.  To style these pieces for everyday wear, pick a statement piece such as leopard or polka dots and pair them with a classic piece.  For me, a classic piece is denim (for more casual looks) and trousers or a skirt (for more formal looks).  

How To Style Your Fall Trends: Leopard

fall trends leopard print

First, let’s start with the leopard print.  I love leopard in tops, skirts, and boots.  A casual way to style a leopard button-up top is to button up the first 3-4 buttons and tie the remainder of the top into a little knot.  Then, finish the outfit off with high waist pants and a classic shoe!

Another fun way to wear leopard is in the workplace, pair the blouse under a classic suit for a fierce print!  And if you’re an avid instagrammer like me then you’ve probably seen the super trendy leopard midi skirt that many fashion enthusiasts are rocking.  This skirt looks great with a t-shirt or a solid colored blouse!  The outfit is complete with a pair of heels for a more formal look or a pair of sneakers for a fun street style look.

If you’re new to wearing prints then I suggest trying out the leopard print boot!  A pair of leopard print ankle boots will look great with a t-shirt and jeans outfit or with a classic little black dress!

How to Style Your Fall Trends: Mustard

fall trends mustard

Mustard is a gorgeous color for fall!  It’s almost as popular as the delicious pumpkin spice latte.  This “it color” can be seen on sweaters, trousers, skirts, purses, and shoes!  An all-black outfit is always my go-to outfit.  So, I love to jazz it up with a pop of mustard.  

For a cool bohemian vibe, rock a t-shirt with a pair of mustard colored wide leg trousers!  It’ll be comfortable and super cute.  Plus, if it gets a bit chilly then throw on an oversized cardigan.  You can complete this outfit with a pair of heels or wedges.  

A mustard sweater can be thrown on over a black or white maxi dress for an easy fall transition.  You can even play with textures by layering the sweater over a lace maxi dress!  Then, complete the outfit with a pair of ankle boots or sneakers. I love this outfit because it’s easy to put together and it’s really cozy!

How to Style Your Fall Trends: Polka Dots

fall trends polka dots

Polka dots come in a variety of sizes and colors.  With large polka dot prints, it’s best to treat them as statement pieces.  But when you have tiny polka dots, you can use the piece as a neutral.  For example, a small polka dot print blouse can be worn with mustard trousers for a fun mix of color and prints.  The dots are small so the print does not take over the entire outfit.  

My favorite way to rock small polka dots is with a pair of straight leg jeans and a low slingback heel.  Then, I’ll finish the outfit off with a bit of red lipstick for a cool Parisian vibe!

For me, larger polka dot prints look especially beautiful on dresses!  It’s a great statement piece that is fun and easy to wear.  The outfit can be complete with a classic heel or ankle boot.  Plus, you don’t even need any accessories for this outfit!

How To Style Your Fall Trends: Wide Leg Trousers

fall trends wide leg pants

There are quite a few styles of wide leg trousers.  First, there are two popular lengths: cropped and full length.  Then, there are solid colored vs. patterned trousers.  Depending on your style, wide leg trousers can be a classic neutral or it can be a statement piece.

Let’s start with the classic.  For classic wide leg trousers, you can wear them with pretty much anything!  A cropped pair would look great with graphic tees or a sophisticated blouse.  For cropped trousers, I would recommend a heel or a sock boot to help elongate the legs.  If you’re styling a pair of full-length trousers then a sandal or peep toe shoe would be best.  Both of these tips help your legs look miles long!

fall trends wide leg crop pants

Next, let’s style the patterned trousers.  This statement piece can be worn with a similar or neutral color palette.  For example, the model above is wearing a pink toned trouser with a white top.  This look is classic and very chic!

How To Style Your Fall Trends: Low Heel Shoes

fall trends ankle boots

Last but not least are the low-heel shoes.  This fall comfort and style go hand in hand (and I couldn’t be happier!).  From the runway to the streets, we are seeing more and more low heeled shoes pop up.  For fall, a pair of low heeled ankle boots or sling-back heel would be perfect for finishing off any outfit.  Low-heeled shoes give you a little height without the pain of high-heeled of shoes!

fall trends low heel ankle boots

These ankles boots look great in a variety of outfits from pants to dresses!  Plus, they’re super comfortable.  Why sacrifice pain for style when you can have both!

And that’s the fall trends of 2018! Which one was your favorite?