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Ice Skating Creates Amazing Memories

I absolutely love to surprise my kids, niece and nephews. I asked the kids to get dress to travel with me down to Atlantic Station. As we drove down they continued to ask where are we going? I told them it was a surprise which of course kept them asking me over and over again. Upon arrival I made the announcement that we were going ice skating. This was my youngest son’s second or third time going ice skating, BJ, Mister & Mari had gone a few times in previous year but as you may know if you don’t ice skate regularly than each time is like your first. There are a few different places to go ice skating in Atlanta but I have always preferred going to Atlantic Station because its only $10 bucks/$9 for Military and there’s unlimited skating! Trust me thats a great deal when you have more than two kids going on the adventure. Cool right? The other locations limit the amount of time that you have to ice skate. I enjoy making memories with the kids and here are my 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Ice Skating:



Family Workout! Ice Skating is a great family work out. Just think! You’re using a lot of moves to stand still, balance yourself, motions to turn and skate backwards. Hey it takes a workout even when your falling. Hey! You gotta pull yourself back up. The kids did great. My then seven-year-old had a great workout once he got the hang of it. He was twirling, turning and speed skating. The entire family had a great workout during our session.

Ice Skating




Who doesn’t love creating memories? Ice Skating only happens once a year for those in areas where snowing happens rarely so when the winter time comes it’s the perfect time to create memorable moments with your family. Tis The Season to be Jolly. The Holiday Season just adds that extra magic to the experience. My family is still talking about their ice skating experience. The kids had tons of things to discuss with their classmates once they headed back to school after their winter break. Just imagine the amazing feeling that your family gets when you all are out on the ice all struggling to balance yourselves. Simply Happy Times!



Ha! Yes I said everyone becomes a pro skater! The moment that you step on the ice you’re an amateur but it doesn’t take long before you become a pro skater in your own rights. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at the kids after taking a few laps around the rink. These kids took off and in less than 3 hours they were floating around the rink like professionals. Watching the kids soar was such a joy! The evening was filled with loads of encouragement and high fives. 

Ice Skating




Ice Skating is the perfect reason to have loads and loads of Hot Cocoa. The chilly ice skating rink and the cold weather warrants you the excuse to go into hot cocoa overload! Plus hot cocoa warms you up after those countless hours on the ice.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate




Ice Skating is perfect for a date night with your significant other. The fact that the two of you may be beginner skaters or one of you may be an expert is perfect for you two to depend on one another for balance and to just have a great time. Who doesn’t want to fall into their honey bunnies arms? allows you two a moment of bonding. It’s a great time to get out of the house and do something different plus you two can share hot cocoa, laugh at one another when one of you falls and capture special moments with pictures. It’s also a great getaway from the kids and allows you two to just act like kids and have fun!






5 Reasons To Go Ice Skating

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