Hey Darlings! Can you believe it? 2018 is almost over and in less than 30 days it will be 2019. Seriously where did the time go? This year has been filled with both ups and downs for me. I can’t sit here and type out this post pretending that it’s been a walk in the park because it’s definitely been an experience and one for the books. I can honestly say that with every year that passes I learn something about myself, business and people who I interact with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. As I finished preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for my family I took a few moments to reflect on the lessons and blessing that I experienced in 2018. Today I’m sharing 30 Things I’m Grateful For On Today (In no particular order):

  1. LIFE – I’m GRATEFUL that I woke up on this morning with the use and activity of all of my limbs, clothed in my right mind and the ability to operate in excellence as I start my day. I’m GRATEFUL for spending a beautiful day with my family creating memories and enjoying another holiday season together creating memories.
  2. PRAYER – I’m GRATEFUL for my PRAYER LIFE because without it I have no idea what I would do if I couldn’t take out time to talk with my heavenly Father. I’m GRATEFUL for those intimate times that I regularly take to talk with him and his guidance in my everyday walk in life.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS – I’m GRATEFUL for all of my previous and present relationships both good and bad. The bad relationships have taught me how to discern when I’m being used for my gifts, talents and abilities. It’s these relationships that have triggered my inner fire that has driven me to PUSH MYSELF HARDER. The good relationships that guided me to a group of people who understand how hard it is to run a business, are there to guide me in the right direction with my brand and the divine connection being attached to them afforded me. It’s important to connect to the right relationships and never be afraid to let the ones that are not working go! How a NO ignited my Flame
  4. SWEET REST – Those days when I can get a good nights rest.
  5. HEALTH & FITNESS – I’m adamant about eating healthy most of the times (lol) and the drive within me that motivates me to workout daily.
  6. CANDLES – Thank God for aromatherapy candles because they help me meditate and focus. There is something about sweet grass, lavender and sage that calms my spirit. Tennessee Hidden Gem
  7. PRINGLE CHIPS – I’m GRATEFUL for original Pringle chips. They just make me happy.
  8. BOOKS – I’m GRATEFUL for inspirational, motivational, business, comedy, adventure and crime books. Books have a way of simply taking me away. It’s something about opening a great book and visually seeing yourself wrapped up in the plot or getting that extra boost of inspiration from a motivational book.
  9. SOCIAL MEDIA – I’m GRATEFUL for social media because it has allowed me to connect with some of the most amazing people in the world. Although I may never met them in person over the past years we have built both business and personal relationships that have helped me through some difficult and great times in my life.
  10. STATIONARY & STAMPS – I’m GRATEFUL for the thousands of letters that I have both written and received from my amazing PEN PALS all over the world. It’s amazing how you feel grabbing a few sheets of stationary paper and sharing your life experiences and adventures with the receiver. 
  11. MY PAST – I’m GRATEFUL for my past because it helped guide my present and future.
  12. FARMERS MARKETS – I’m GRATEFUL for fresh produce and the opportunity to support local farmers.
  13. TEA – I’m GRATEFUL for amazing tea. I love enjoying teas from all over the world.
  14. YOGA CLOTHES – I’m GRATEFUL for my favorite yoga clothes by Ellie. Lord knows that they are LIFE! They double for everyday attire and are perfect for my yoga practice.
  15. JOURNALING – I’m GRATEFUL for journals because I can document days and experiences.
  16. TRAVEL – I’m GRATEFUL for traveling both alone and with my kids. Traveling allows us to explore and have adventures.
  17. HOT SHOWERS – I’m GRATEFUL for long hot showers that help me unwind after a long day and double as my creative thinking space. I get my best ideas in the shower.
  18. MY NIKON – I’m GRATEFUL for my camera because I can capture special moments, memories, campaign shots and yoga poses. nikon
  19. MY CLIENTS – I’m GRATEFUL for them trusting me with their brands.
  20. THE INTERNET – I’m GRATEFUL for the World Wide Web. How else would I make money! 
  21. KFC CHICKEN & WAFFLES – Why wouldn’t they make the list? KFC blessed my stomach on this year with the launch of their Chicken & Waffles.  KFC Chicken & Waffle
  22. MY STYLISTS – How else would my hair look so amazing all of the time! Yes its plural because I AM A HANDFUL! (Kendra, Danni, Ethena & Eric)Naturalbabydol
  23. FRENCH FRIES – Because I could eat them everyday. My favorite are the ones freshly cut from potatoes.
  24. MY DEGREES – Both of my degrees symbolize my determination and sacrifice.
  25. ALEXIS MAURICE – My social media partner in crime. Who else can put up with my craziness when it comes to working in Ministry and because we’re SOCIAL MEDIA ALL STARS! 
  26. PAIN – Without the hurt that I’ve experienced I would not be the strong woman that stands before you NOW!
  27. SUNFLOWER SEEDS – Because they are my absolute favorite and have been since childhood.
  28. FLOWERS – They bring so much joy and sunshine to my day.
  29. MUSIC – It takes me away! The beats invigorate me.
  30. MY BLOG – It serves as my online diary and journal. My own space where I can be myself and others who contribute can have a safe place to share their thoughts. 

What’s crazy is this post was supposed to only be a TEN (10) Thing type of post but ya girl gets long-winded and hyper. Anyway this was indeed a fun post to create so I may start creating more of these in the future. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!