Hey Darlings! We’re in the fourth month of the year and I’ve been keeping a journal adding daily entries just as I’ve done since I was a young girl. There’s something special about jotting down all of thoughts, feeling, dreams and visions. I just happen to be a person who keeps multiple journals and today I’m sharing 5 Journaling Secret Ways To Manifest Your Dreams.

Dream – a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.

Manifestation – an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.


There isn’t any right or wrong way to start your journal but more of a consistency of your mindset while entering every entry. As long as I can remember I have always used journaling as a way to manifest my dreams. I have always believed that  writing is an extension of your heart and soul. When you think about it writing in a journal has always been an outlet. In many true crime shows you always learn about the victim more when the detectives dive into their journal to gain a better understanding of the persons mental state and what was going on in their lives. I have for the past ten years written in my personal journals daily but with my manifestation journal the entries are entered as I manifest them. Believe me I have seen some major things manifested in my life from creating entries in my journal while adding my energy behind each word that I wrote.


Writing in my opinion is energy driven. I take a few moments before I start to write to ensure that my energy is right. Writing in your manifestation journal is similar to creating a vision board but in a written form. You can also feel free to add cut out images as a point of reference. Keep in mind that you’re sending a message to God or the Universe that you intend to make your written words and ideas a reality.


Keep in mind that you can draw inspiration from many places. You can draw inspiration from others, quotes, books, public figures, pictures and etc. which can all provide you with positive vibes. Whenever I receive a sprinkle of inspiration I always write it down and diagnose how I can apply the inspiration to my life or create attainable steps to make it happen. 


Creating affirmations is a great way to speak positive statements into your life. I personally write down affirmations in my manifestation journal as well as on colorful sticky notes that I post all over my house. This is a great way to keep them in plain view daily. Affirmations are very empowering and can be used to share with others. 


Take a moment to celebrate what you’ve cultivated thus far. It doesn’t matter how small or big celebrating sends positive energy into the atmosphere. You can take this time to do a quick check point on goals and visions.


You must have faith just as you must have the right energy. Having faith allows you to let go of your fear and doubts and see the end result. I love to also pray over my entries, affirmations and manifestation ideas. I’ve found that prayer seals the deal. Have right now faith that all of your prayers will be answered in Gods divine timing.