Atlanta Monster Jam Trucks 2014


My birthday was on January 11 and what better way to celebrate God blessing me to see another year than celebrating it with my kids and at Monster Jam. In case you have never attended one here is a brief overview:  Monster Truck Jam comes to  Atlanta, GA yearly and is highlighted by the heart pounding action of monster truck racing and freestyle competitions. This year’s events features top Monster Jam trucks such as The Legend, Stone Crusher, Grave Digger, Captain America, Wolverine and Advance Auto Parts Grinder to name a few. The day starts off with the PIT PARTY!! This is an added bonus to attending the show in my opinion. The kids get the opportunity to actually meet some of the drivers, take pictures with them and get autographs. I will admit that even as a parent I look forward to attending every single year and it had become a family tradition for us plus we get really great seats thanks to Inmark! The kids also get to take part in the many activities that are happening in the pit. Take a look at the boys!


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The show started at 7pm and boy was the Georgia Dome filled with signs created to support their favorite Monster Jam Truck, screams and cheers as the show begun. I will say that I disappointed to discover that Madusa wasn’t apart of the show this year. Madusa rocked it out the last few years.  If your thinking about attending for your first time I suggest that you invest in some noise reduction muffs and trust me they are worth getting as I learned the hard way when we started going years ago. I have a cute pink pair. The fans, kids and I cheered until our voices were basically gone. This is indeed an interactive show and you will get a kick out of watching in anticipation to see if your favorite truck will win. The last few years the father Dennis Anderson who drives Gravedigger has been the champion for the past years but this particular year did not pan out for him but don’t fret his son the driver of Sonofadigger Ryan Anderson came to the family’s rescue of and became the new champion! The show was EPIC! If you ever have an opportunity to attend one please do and you can always check with their sponsor Advance Auto Parts for information on when Monster Jam is coming to a city near you! Happy Smashing!



  1. Oh my goodness! We had SO much fun at our Monster Jam here in Council Bluffs, IA! Looks like you had fun too! It was LLLOOUUUDD though!!
    I am visiting from SITS! Have a great day!

    1. Turkesha

      OMG! We had so much fun too. I was disappointed that Madusa wasn’t there this time because I love to see her in her pink truck. She always rocks it out!! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your post in SITS.

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