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Naturalbabydol’s Beauty Must-Haves

Hello Beauties! If you’re anything like me then your patiently awaiting the weather to finally break for warmer weather. The weather can at times have a direct effect on my beauty regimen. As of lately I have finally found the perfect regimen that works wonders for my skin type. Today I’m sharing a few of my must-have beauty products and regimen that I have found to work perfect for skin in both the colder and warmer weather.

"OLE HENRIKSEN" "Beauty" "Skincare" "Naturalbabydol" "Summer Beauty"

Let’s start with my first must-have, Ole Henriksen. The OLE HENRIKSEN skincare collection is built on a product philosophy of exfoliate, treat and soothe, which originated in Ole’s Beverly Hills spa, to bring incredible, transformative results to clients all over the world. The Bring on the balance regimen is a complete oil control regimen mattifies and reduces the appearance of pores in one effortless routine that leaves skin feeling comfortable, never stripped.

"OLE HENRIKSEN" "Beauty" "Skincare" "Naturalbabydol" "Summer Beauty"


Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser
Directions: Wet face with warm water. Apply cleanser into wet palms and create a lather. Gently massage in an upward, circular motion. Rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with Balancing Force Oil Control Toner.

Balancing Force Oil Control Toner
Directions: Pour onto a cotton pad. Swipe over clean, dry face, in a circular motion. Follow with Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator.

Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator
Directions: Apply evenly to face and neck AM and PM. Gently massage in an upward, circular motion. For external use only. Use as directed.

"OLE HENRIKSEN" "Beauty" "Skincare" "Naturalbabydol" "Summer Beauty" "7th Heaven" "Green Tea Peel Off"

On days when I’m in a rush I normally grab a 7th Heaven Green Tea Peel Off “Me-Time” face mask for those days when I’ve had an intense workout or traveling for a client. I love how the mask purifies my pores and provides a deep clean. It’s a plus that they are TSA-Approved! You can find them at your local Wal-Mart for under $2 bucks.

"Unx Pro" "Makeup" "OLE HENRIKSEN" "Beauty" "Skincare" "Naturalbabydol" "Summer Beauty" "7th Heaven" "Green Tea Peel Off"

I’m so happy to formally introduce you to my newest make-up lover, UNX Pro. UNX Pro is a make-up setting spray. This amazing matte, all day hold setting spray will match up to any expensive brand that you may already have in your collection. In fact what sets UNX Pro apart is that its ALCOHOL FREE! Yes you heard me right! The others all contain alcohol which dries out your skin and prevents you from having a spotless beautiful look all day long. It’s made with aloe, Vitamin A, E & C and is infused with Rose Essence. UNX Pro only cost $6. Interested in purchasing send inquires to Info@Mcivymedia. Get it before it hits stores!

"ERase" Emoji Erase" "Unx Pro" "Makeup" "OLE HENRIKSEN" "Beauty" "Skincare" "Naturalbabydol" "Summer Beauty" "7th Heaven" "Green Tea Peel Off"

My final must-have beauty product is the Emoji ERase. The emoji eRase e60 is an amazing hair remover that can be used on legs, underarms, chin, lip and your bikini line. The emoji eRase e60 is a unique hair remover with 60 tweezer action discs working together to ensure rapid and non-irritating hair removal from the root for up to 6 weeks. The dual opposed heads stretch the skin which makes the process more gentle.