Boogie Wipes & Mist To The Rescue!

The past weekends have been filled with travel, travel and more travel. Although the kids love hoping in the car and taking a road trip the consequences of crossing over numerous states can give them the sniffles. My youngest who is 8-years-old has always suffered from allergies and its imperative that I always keep wipes on hand. I was introduced to Boogie Wipes products a few years ago and found that they were very resourceful to have inside my purse and luggage at all times in the event of small nasal emergencies.

Boogie Wipes & Mist

Our first set of travel adventures started when we left Atlanta heading to Savannah for a day then off to Myrtle Beach for three days. You can only imagine that was quite a weather adjustment after all Savannah was super warm. Strike One! Upon our arrival to Myrtle Beach we soon discovered that the weather was a combination of cold and wet rainy weather. Oh how the sniffles piled on my 8-year-old. We didn’t worry because we had a can of the newest member to the Boogie Wipes family, Boogie Mist to combat the sniffles. On New Year Eve we hoped on a plane to Atlantic City to bring in the New Year. We stayed in Atlantic City for three days and then set off on another road trip to New York to see family. Oh how the sniffles and runny nose came! I blame it on the crazy climates that we had passed through. We had no worries because we had our Boogie Mist and Wipes to the rescue.

Boogie Mist



Look at my little one making faces. What’s funny about this photo is that he so use to having issues with his nose until he has perfected how to use nasal products. Wait! Have you tried the new Boogie Mist? It’s “The Mist With A Twist!” The new mist is a gentle saline mist for your little ones stuffy noses. What I love about the Boogie Mist is that it works wonders on moisturizing your little ones dry nose and flushes dirt, dust, pollen and congestion from nasal and sinus passages. Whew! I don’t know about you other parents but this is a major plus in my book.

Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes

Many times as a parent you discover that when you have kids with allergies or stuffy noses that they many times wipe their noses too much with tissue in efforts to remove draining mucus. I prefer for my kids to use the Boogie Wipes to prevent any drying around their nose and it also prevents bruising. Boogie Wipes has two different wipes available for your little Boogie. The wipes come in two fragrances: fresh scent which is a very light scent and grape which smells super yummy to your little ones. The wipes are very gentle and made with natural saline that are perfect for your little ones tender, stuffy nose. These gentle wipes have provided my little ones over the years with a soothing comfort to their aching nose. As a mother of three sons Boogie Wipes is my preferred brand to help prevent my little ones stuffy, runny noses and provides the added comfort that every mother wants for her little ones.


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