Boomer Be Nice


Hey Darlings! This past weekend the kids and I had the opportunity to attend an event on Dobbins Air Force Base for the Air National Guard Youth Mural Dedication and Story time. The mural below was hand painted by the Region 4 Youth Council Members. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure to participate in one of six that will placed on bases across our region.

GA Air National Guard Youth Mural

I was introduced to Stacy Roberts, Author of Boomer Be Nice, Roscoe’s Rescue and soon to be released Donut Leads The Team during the Mural Dedication. Stacy spoke about her personal struggles of dealing with being bullied during both her childhood and teenage years. Bullying is a conversation that I believe as a mother needs to be apart of conversations more often than normal. Everyday when we watch the news or sign on to social media we learn about a child or teenager taking their lives because of Bullying. I love how she uses her pups as the characters for her books. Absolutely Genius! Billionaire decided to join his mom, Stacy during story time. Isn’t he adorable?

Boomer Be Nice


Boomer Be Nice

The book starts one a beautiful Saturday morning when Boomer the Bulldog awakes completes his chores and asks his mom can he go play with his friends. His mom agreed after noting that he was a good boy but before he rushed out of the house she warned Boomer to BE NICE. Boomer makes his way to the playground and soon decides to use his size to bully his friends on the playground. Soon he finds himself very sad and alone, he learns a very valuable lesson about the importance of friendship and what it means to be a great friend. In this amazing book you will learn about his tale of bullying, how he learns about forgiveness and why you should always be nice to others.

Boomer Be Nice

Author Stacy Roberts illustrates the importance of teaching children life lessons. I’m excited to get my hands on her next book, Donut Leads The Team that will be available on Amazon soon.

Find out more information about Stacy Roberts and Boomer, Be Nice and Roscoe’s Rescue by visiting the Tandem Light Press website directly at





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