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Fantasy & Exotic Hair Spotted at The Bronner Bros Hair Show

On yesterday I attended the 67th Annual Bronner Brothers International Hair Show (BB) here in Atlanta as one of their Official #BBHAPPYHAIR Bloggers. The BB Show attracts professional stylist, students, manufacturers, celebrities and models from all over the world. This was my first year attending as a spectator. I have worked the show with a business longer than I care to share because then you will know my true age. LOL! So this time I was able to walk the floor and be wowed by the amazing hair creations which truly symbolized #BBHAPPYHAIR. My first stop was at the BB Platform stage which is now actually on the Exhibitors floor. Yes I was amazed at these unique Fantasy Hair Creations.

Bronner BrosCan you imagine the work that this stylist is putting in?

Bronner Bros

This reminded me of Medusa!

Bronner BrosPurple Magic!

Bronner BrosHunty! Only at the BB Show!

As I continued to make my rounds I discovered that the hair creations began to get more exotic and colorful.

Bronner BrosWowsers!

Bronner BrosWould You? Could You Pull This Off!

Bronner BrosBOLDNESS!!

Bronner BrosThis Model is wearing hair everywhere!

Day One was an adventure and I look forward to see what else in store. So if you’re in the Atlanta area make your way down today for Day Two of the BB Show!

Bronner Bros

**All Photos were taken and are property of Naturalbabydol**

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  1. Looks like you had a blasts.

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