BJ is Offically in Middle School!


On yesterday my sons and I attended their open houses so that they could get acquainted with their schools as they both are attending new schools. On last year my two younger sons both attended the same school and now they will part sweet ways. BJ my middle son is officially a middle school student. I took a brief moment to realize that my baby has grown up. I watched as he joyfully walked ahead of his younger brother and I with excitement in each of his steps as he embarks on a new chapter in his life. BJ the son that is exactly like me. He is adventurous, determined and independent. Just look at him entering the school ready for a new adventure.


As we entered the school BJ was greeted by familiar faces and the halls were full of laughter, joy and excitement.

20140805_122618We continued on in search of that white sheet of paper that would guide us in the direction of his homeroom teacher. Once the information was obtained we all dashed to his classroom where we were greeted by his teacher, asked to fill out a forms and BJ paid for his locker, agenda and clinic fees. Yes his little brother was right by his side as usual.

20140805_122956Once we were set BJ and MJ both headed to the lockers so that he would get a head start on mastering the art of opening his very first locker. I think that we all were excited. I felt myself wanting to cry as I realized that my son is growing up. BJ gave it a few tries and yes MJ was right by his side observing and directing his brother on the instructions that BJ held in his hand. There is absolutely nothing like a brothers bond. These two are like twins. They do everything together and although BJ is 11-years-old and MJ is seven-years-old one would not know because they always look out for one another.



20140805_123720Boom! There it is! He did it!

Stay tuned as I take you through our middle school adventures! Until Next Time!




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