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Carry On Beauty Travel Essentials

Over the many moons that I have been traveling I feel like I have finally gotten my carry-on travel essentials down to a science. I can recall over the years the urge to check a bag, carry-on a bag and either have an additional bag for my laptop or just random items that I thought were needed. You see I use to be one of those traveling business woman who simply has to have at least six outfits and a big bag of mini essentials. We’ll long gone are those days and thanks to some of the most amazing brands I can now travel with two kids with ease and just focus on a few outfits that can fit in my backpack along with a few must have beauty essentials.

Today I’m sharing with you a few of my Carry On Beauty Travel favorites:

Frownies Rose Water Hydrator: This in my opinion is a beauty must have rather you’re traveling or at home. The bottle may only be 2 oz but its power packed with Organic Rose Hydrosol, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Rosewood and Organic Comfrey.  I personally use rose oil on my entire body and have done so all of my life and when I discovered Frownies I was so excited.  My Frownies provides me with hydration, works as a calming aroma therapy during stressful situations and conditions my skin. Price $12.95

"Travel" "Beauty" "Frownies" "Maybelline" "Frownies" "Forever 21" "Travalo"

Maybelline Fit Me: The Maybelline Fit Me Dewy Smooth (Fit Me Foundation) is my go-to foundation when on the go and traveling. It fits conveniently in my mini makeup bag and provides 24 hour coverage. The smooth feel that it provides is next to none and it hydrates & smooth’s skin texture while providing a luminous finish. Price $6.97

Travalo HD: I will be the first to admit that I use to check a bag just so that I could always have my favorite perfumes. I know what your thinking and yes they come in travel sizes for many brands but guess what I run right through those babies. Travalo is the solution to all of my worries. Now I love me some Issey Miyake but of course I can’t carry that cute bottle around because it’s too big but now I can fill my Travalo up with Issey and I’m on my way. Did I mention that it holds Holds 5ml of fragrance (65 sprays)? Perfect Right? Price $19.99

"Travel" "Beauty" "Frownies" "Maybelline" "Frownies" "Forever 21" "Travalo"

Love & Beauty Collagen & Aloe Eye Mask w/Peptide Complex: I find these babies at Forever 21 and they are normally under 3 buck. These are perfect for those trips when either I am working super late with a client or have run around the entire city with the kids while traveling. The kit includes one eye mask and its parabens free! Price $2.90

Love & Beauty Collagen & Aloe Facial Sheet Mask w/Hydrating Natto Gum: I alternate between the eye mask and facial sheet. You can find it at Forever 21 as well and yes it’s priced under 3 bucks. The facial sheet works wonders and feels amazing when taking a relaxing bubble bath. Why not create a mini spa in your hotel room while traveling? Price $2.90




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