"Travel" "Essentials"

Carry On Travel Essentials For A Wanderlust

Every Wanderlust Loves Their Travel Carry On Essentials

I’m sure that all of my wanderlust will all agree that when we are traveling the most important things to pack are your carry on essentials. Let’s all face it, traveling can be so exhausting! I’m sure that everyone will agree that just getting through the check points is exhausting enough. My Fashionista’s are probably the best at ensuring that they have all of their Travel essentials on deck, after all who wants to get stuck somewhere with out their necessities. We want to make sure that we are refreshed and ready for anything.

"Travel" "Essentials"

Here’s a list of a few of my favorite Travel Carry On Essentials:

The Hydro Flask water bottle aids in saving you money. There is no need to spend a fortune on bottled water any longer. Simply bring your hydro flask through security and fill it up at one of the bottle refilling stations (popping up at airports all across the country).  Furthermore you can simply ask a flight attendant for a refill and skip the sodas full of calories.

The Pistil Okeefe Scarf serves a grown girl binky! That’s right its stylish while keeping you warn and you can also use it around your head to block out the light for a quick in-flight nap before landing. In conjunction with this beautiful scarf having your very own Bucky 40 Winks eye mask will not only make you look fashionable its a no-eye pressure, super dark and comfy mask which is perfect for ensuring that your eye make-up stays in place.

Now the healthy hoohoo soothing feminine wipes will gently refresh your most intimate area with moisturizing botanical and no harsh chemicals. Did I mention that they are gluten-free and vegan and contain no harsh chemicals like parabens, alcohol, sulfates or dyes. You can be sure that you will always arrive to your destination fresh as daisy.

VerMints help keep your breath fresh after your quick nap and doubles as a tummy-taming ginger in the event your stomach doesn’t agree with the in-flight meal. I sure need these on my long flights to Europe.

Now that you have an idea of some of my favorites, what are yours?