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Life Lessons You Can Learn From Disney’s The BFG

**We were invited to an advance screening of BFG. All opinions in this post are my own.**

The kids and I attended a private screening of Disney’s newest movie to hit the big screens, BFG – Big Friendly Giant. This is perhaps the very first time we will have the honor to experience three of the world’s greatest storytellers:  Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg collaborate to bring us an amazing movie like BFG. The film was directed by Spielberg and tells an amazing story of a young girl (Sophie) who desires a to belong to a loving family and finds what she’s missing in what appears to be a scary giant.

One evening as the little mischievous girl is ensuring that the orphanage is locked up properly she discovered the giant and thus begins her whirlwind of events in Giant Country. The problem is her BFG is the only friendly giant and the others are human eating monsters on the search for their next meal.

"BFG" "Disney"

The BFG is nothing like the other inhabitants of Giant Country which leads us to our first lesson: Never Judge A Book By Its Cover. It’s like the old saying, a book can look horrible on the outside but be amazing on the inside. Although BFG stands all of 24-feet tall with enormous ears and a keen sense of smell, he just so happens to be a dim-witted loveable giant.

The fellow Giants whose names suit them well, Bloodbottler & Fleshlumpeater are in fact just as they appear: mean, angry and ready to eat humans especially kids versus BFG who is concerned with catching dreams and making his Snozzcumber and Frobscottle. When Sophie is taken by BFG because she saw him and he couldn’t risk her telling the world about his existence so she must go back to Giant Country with him. BFG takes her back to his cave where at first she assumed he was evil but soon learned that BFG was a gentle and charming soul.

Sophie soon learns that BFG is being mistreated by the other and together the create a plan to get rid of the mean giants so that BFG can live in peace and kids will stop disappearing. Sophie’s determination for helping BFG leads them to the Queens castle and eventually ends in her finding a family in the castle with the Queens daughter and the army capturing the giants and taking them away to an isolated island. Sophie teaches us that putting aside what you desire to help a friend is a far better gift than not helping.

BFG is an amazing movie and is indeed one that I would suggest for the entire family and for all ages. It’s a tear jerking, keep you on the edge of your seat as you laugh the stitches out kind of film. Check it out on The Big Screen on July 1st! Share your thoughts of the movie below.