My Disney Side Celebration


** I received free products in order to host my Disney Side @Home Celebration. My opinions expressed in this post are my own**

I was extremely excited to submit my information for the possibility of being one of thousands of mommy’s and mommy blogger who would later receive an email informing us that we had been selected to host a My Disney Side party. I have been bless to take all of my kids to Disney World for them each to have their own unique experience. One can only imagine the excitement that I felt when I found out that I was selected to receive a package from Disney and Mom Select filled with great goodies to host my party.  The invites were sent out and preparations were made to plan out my family’s Disney Side Home Celebration. As the date quickly approached décor was added and plans were set into motion. My sons were so excited about having their party and invites were issued throughout the neighborhood which we recently relocated to so we were excited to have this opportunity to make new friends. Well some parents forgot and made plans, the weather caused us to bring the party indoors but the party had to go on. We made the best of the day and it was a huge success. My little ones mutually decided to gift their friends that could not make the party with a party bag filled with goodies, cake and their very own HP paper for pictures. How sweet is that? I love my kids. Here is how we showed OUR DISNEY SIDE!

Mario’s Disney Side
Mario’s Disney Side


Billy’s Disney Side
Madison’s Disney Side

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ds3 The day was a success and the kids had a great time. We would like to thank Disney Side and Mom Select for making our celebration wonderful.


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