Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus Crisp Linen Review + Giveaway

**This post is sponsored by Downy. All opinions are my own.**

Happy Summer! I’m back again with another mystically wonder. Does the Downy Wrinkle Releaser (DWR) Plus Crisp Linen really magically make wrinkles disappear? Hmm. Now that’s yet to be determined. If you all follow me then you remember how skeptical I was about using this product before. Click here to read that review. I was excited to try their newest scent especially with kids that play sports so that means I have unlimited mounds of stinky clothes over here just waiting to be freshened up. The new obstacle that I have found is that my boys have started to throw their clothes in their drawers even after I have taken the time to fold them which means more wrinkles. I wanted to try this new product out as soon as I received it so I grabbed a wrinkle tshirt from one of my sons drawer and immediately put the product to the test. Check out my BEFORE PICTURE:

Downy Wrinkle Release Plus

Downy Wrinkle Release Plus


Downy Wrinkle Release Plus

Boom! Do you guys see the difference! Its amazing right? We’ll lets take this review a step further. I decided to actually show you all step-by-step as I use the new Downy Wrinkle Release Linen Scent so here’s what I did so that you all could become believers like myself and also be amazed like I was during this review. I actually recorded myself using the product and we will both see the results happen right before our very eyes. I demonstrated on another tshirt and also a stubborn pair of super wrinkle shorts taken straight out of my sons drawer so be prepared to be amazed. Please note that these are a pair of stubborn shorts that are super hard to iron but with the DWR they are ……

There you have it the proof is in the pudding or should I say spray. Have you had the opportunity to try the DWR yet? We’ll here’s your chance because I am giving away a summer getaway survival kit giveaway valued at $60.

Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus Travel Giveaway kit


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