National Ice Cream Day, Naturalbabydol

Why Not Enjoy Easy Sherbet Floats In Honor Of National Ice Cream Day?

Happy International Ice Cream Day!!!

I’m sure that everyone is running to their local Ice Cream Shops for a free serving of their favorite flavor. On today I decided to take a different spend on the holiday and take a moment to teach my kids how to make an inexpensive snack that’s delicious all year round and super easy to make. I learned how to make this childhood favorite as a little girl with my mother, in fact its a favorite at baby showers and family events. Guess what? It cost less than $10.00 for the entire family too! Here’s what you will need:


1.25 or 2 Liter of Sprite

Orange Sherbet (Any Brand)

Styrofoam Bowls

Ice Cream Scoop

Excited Kids 🙂

National Ice Cream Day, Naturalbabydol

1. Scoop up a few scoops of orange sherbet and place inside the bowl.

National Ice Cream Day, Naturalbabydol

2. Pour the Sprite into the bowl on top of the sherbet and watch the kids smile as is makes bubbles and fizzes.

National Ice Cream Day, Naturalbabydol

3. Enjoy


I would love to hear your thoughts!