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Empire Episode 10: Cookie Skins Boo Boo Kitty, The Lyons Stop Feeding On One Another & Start Hunting For Street Prey While Andre Goes Loco!


Whew! Empire continues to slay us with their real life dramatic episodes. I don’t know about you but honey I can relate to this show on so many levels it ain’t even funny. Hell even if I wanted to fake being a debutante I couldn’t because that’s a role that I could never play not even for a million dollars. Did you all see the look on Anika’s face when Cookie busted her dam chops? How in the hell did she think that she could hire Cookie’s assistant to spy on Cookie. Doesn’t she know about the dam street code? Dam Boo Boo Kitty! Have you really been that shelter all of your dam life? Even boogie kids know not to over step boundaries and that’s why you deserved to have Cookie grab all of your shit and throw it out of her house.


That’s right! Her house! Think about it. Cookie did a 17-year bid and Lucious built an Empire off of her dam money so technically that’s her house. I’m sorry this is another turning point for Anika because when Lucious tells her”When a man like me says hear me out, you hear me out because your life could depend on it.” Why was she shock? Did she not know that all those years she was sleeping with a gangster? I mean did she think that this was some chutes and ladders board game?


Why did it take Lucious so long to realize that he should have already let this high yellow trick go! Was it when the cars rolled up with the gangster lean? Or when he opened the door for Anika only to soon find out that it was Baretti picking her snake ass up when he rolled the window down? See in the hood that shit means war! That’s unheard of in the streets because someone or several people would have been leaving in body bags including Anika.

Let’s stop here for a moment and take a walk down memory lane. Do you all remember Baretti (Judd Nelson) from his role in the Breakfast Club? My how he’s aged but he still looks good.

Judd Nelson

Any who? Anika causes a breach at Empire. Here is where I got confused. Anika was not great with getting the talent so I was a bit lost with how she managed to steal all most of the talent unless she was paying them all with Baretti’s money. The previous episodes just did not position her as that savvy with music game. The family goes into battle which is amazing because it shows how they are able to argue and fight but at the end of the day all of that is out of the door and the Empire is all that matters. Needless to say Lucious makes calls to all of his seeds and his true rib, Cookie is right by his side and together they come up with a plan that is while they wait for psychopath Andre to finally make an appearance. Andre convinces himself that he doesn’t need to take his meds any longer and this is when we learn along with Cookie that he’s Bi-Polar. Oops! Spoiler! We learn that next week. Sorry guys! Andre is freaking crazy basically and without any of his meds he freaking uncontrollable. I feel bad for Cookie because she has to learn about her kids 17 years later.

Jamal shows his father Lucious that in spite of how he may feel about the stunt that was pulled when he finally came out about his homosexuality he is the man for the job. Jamal steps up to the plate and to Lucious. I don’t know if Jamal suddenly has monster balls from his real life record deal (see story here) or he’s finally ready to prove to Lucious that he can and will run Empire but he puts his father in place and makes major moves on behalf of their family business. In fact Jamal successfully signs the popular artist Delphine (Estelle Darlings) without his father intervening. That’s 1000 points for Jamal since she’s a London Gal!


Then we see Cookie head to the hood where she has to out drink the thugs to keep their artist on the Empire label which she does and just when we thought that we had heard it all from Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) she hits us again with a ball way out of the park. While Cookie is attempting to leave the studio in broad day light, mind you she’s in the hood a man tries to steal her purse. Derek Luke, Mr. Top Notch Security comes to her rescue and Cookie hits him with the “Take these cookies!” line.

As the last episodes dwindle down I am sure that we will all slowly start to go in Empire withdrawal. We say just before the show ended that after the entire family had a mini reunion and all sung Lucious hit song “You’re So Beautiful” together that as soon as Lucious returned to the office Andre was having a mental meltdown. This dude is loco! What I found extremely genius was after the paramedics sedated Andre they said that they needed the next of kin to authorize him to be put under observation for 48 hours and they passed the clip board to Lucious. Lucious gave that man the side eye and said there’s his wife. Lucious is one smart ass man! Do you hear me? Watch and see how he gets rid of this blonde just like Anika is now gone!

***WARNING**** Episode 10 Spoilers:

We all know that the stakes are high and with Andre under doctors care we see that Jennifer Hudson will make a guest appearance and take his ice cream cone. Mary J. Blige makes an appearance but not just as a singer on the label she’s one of Lucious’s old love flames. Hmm I wonder what the hell Cookie is going to say!

empire-lucious-cookie Empire, Mary J Blige


One has to wonder what Camilla Marks (Naomi Campbell) has up her dam sleeves. My the tables continue to turn.


I have word from a reliable source that Olivia (Raven-Symone) will be showing back up and acting the dam fool about her daughter that she left but as we all know Cookie is not the one to play with so I am going to just sit back and watch Cookie get her ass right together! Whew! You all know I love me some Empire! Below is a sneak peek of Episode 10:

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